3 Reasons to Look for Bamboo On Your Clothing Label

bamboo clothing

As bamboo clothing continues to gain popularity, you may be wondering what’s so great about fabrics made from bamboo. This durable material offers you the comfort and softness you may expect from other materials like cotton. Moreover, it has less of an ecological impact on the planet. Here are three reasons we love bamboo clothing!

Check Your Clothing Label for Bamboo!

Comfortable Regardless of the Weather

Bamboo fabric is 40% more absorbent than organic cotton. Therefore, bamboo clothing is a great option in the warmer months as it helps keep you cool and dry in the heat. Bamboo clothing can also reduce odor because of the natural antibacterial properties of the fibers, making it the right fabric if you’re worried about the odors that hot temperatures can bring. 

Bamboo isn’t only a great fabric for summer clothes. It’s a versatile material that you can wear year-round by layering this breathable fabric under sweaters and jackets in the cooler months. While it’s light and airy, bamboo fabric is also very soft! So, bundle up and stay warm and cozy during the winter. 

A Sustainable Choice

While there are a variety of eco-friendly fabrics to choose from, bamboo is a great choice! Bamboo requires little to no irrigation to grow. It only needs one-third the amount of water as cotton because the plant can use water more efficiently than other trees

It’s also a self-replenishing resource, requiring fewer resources and labor to grow. While other raw clothing materials need farmers to replant and harvest crops annually, bamboo can sprout and replenish without human intervention. Not to mention, it can yield 10 times the amount of materials as cotton. 

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Bamboo Clothing Is Soft and Strong

The longevity of bamboo clothing may surprise you since it’s so soft, but don’t let its cozy texture fool you. This versatile material will last through countless washes and wear. It’s important to find garments you can wear during work and play that also give you the flexibility and comfort for a variety of activities. Bamboo fabric is resilient and won’t tear or lose its shape easily

Although it requires less dye than cotton, it also features colors incredibly well. This means you can feel confident that your bamboo garment won’t fade easily. You don’t have to worry about this strong material unraveling easily or collecting annoying pills on the outside of the fabric. You can look and feel your best no matter what you’re doing. 

Whether you’re interested in making the switch to sustainable clothing or you already have a closet full of eco-friendly fabrics, bamboo clothing is a great choice for a soft, durable, and environmentally conscious material. When you’re looking for eco-friendly clothing made in Canada, check out the selection of tops, tunics, pants, dresses, and more that Message Factory has to offer. 

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