Be Empowered by the 7th Great Female Leadership Conference

On March 17th, the Great Female Leadership Conference was back in Porto. With the central theme “Women Leading Change”, this inspiring event brought together women leaders from different areas of business. Furthermore, it also praised companies that are concerned with equal opportunities. Over the course of the morning, we heard real testimonies and advice that is sure to make a difference in our professional lives!

Love Happens was honored to attend this conference, organized by Executiva. Read on to learn more about women’s leadership.

Discover The Importance of Female Leadership

Female Leadership Can Make the Difference

Isabel Canha is the Director of Executiva. A woman who, through her opening speech at the event, essentially highlighted the difference that female leadership can bring to the professional world. The main theme – Women Leading Change – was not chosen at random. Consequently, the Executiva Director’s speech is about the fact that women are making a difference. In other words, the advantages a female leadership model presents to companies are continually proving.

In fact, women in leadership are still a minority. However, this should be a goal for the sustainable development of any organization. Although women have the technical and academic skills to be great leaders, there are still many obstacles.

Janet Morais, Isabel Canha e Maria Serina in the Great Female Leadership Conference
Janet Morais, Isabel Canha e Maria Serina (Photo Courtesy of Executiva)

The Main Challenges of Female Leadership

Throughout the conference 14 inspiring speakers empowered through their speeches.

For example, Isabel Paiva de Sousa, director of executive programs at Porto Business School, emphasized the need for contagious energy within organizations.

The product director of Farfetch, Ana Cláudia Santos, mentioned the importance of women in technology. In fact, women are increasingly taking up technological fields. For example, mathematics and engineering, which were previously very male-oriented. Women must be present in the technological world because they bring a lot of innovation.

Women still have to work much harder than men to prove that they are worthy of a higher position. Isabel Furtado, CEO of TMG, said that for a woman to reach a top position she has to be worth more than two men.

Women on Boards (Photo Courtesy of Executiva)
Women on Boards (Photo Courtesy of Executiva)

Career and Motherhood

It is a fact that for many companies, motherhood is still a reason for distrust when hiring a woman for a position. Discrimination for this reason still occurs in the 21st century. However, the path towards equality in this matter is improving.

It is not easy for any woman to reconcile her professional life with motherhood, but anything is possible!

The Speakers and Organizers of the great female leadership conference (Photo Courtesy of Executiva)
The Speakers and Organizers (Photo Courtesy of Executiva)

Words by Sílvia Oliveira
Feature Image: The Great Female Leadership Conference (Photo Courtesy of Executiva)

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