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In this edition of Love Happens’ Proust-style Design Questionnaire, join us for a peek inside the creative and inspiring minds of architects Adam Glickman and Lauren Schlesinger. The husband and wife team founded their NYC-based architecture firm Glickman Schlesinger in 2009. Since they have become known for their minimal European aesthetic and talent for creating sumptuous interiors within the confines of existing buildings, a crucial factor when working in the city. In addition to residential projects, the firm also works on restaurants, office spaces, retail environments and has even completed a custom Airstream project. Read on and be inspired!

Lauren Schlesinger and Adam Glickman architects
Lauren Schlesinger & Adam Glickman

The Lh Design Questionnaire
with Lauren Schlesinger and Adam Glickman, founders of Glickman Schlesinger Architects

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Having the freedom to do whatever you want.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Raising two awesome children while simultaneously starting, managing, and making a living owning an Architecture and Interior Design company in New York City.

What profession does your alter ego have?

Lauren: A singer. I have a terrible voice, am tone-deaf, and have stage fright. I envision my alter ego with none of those issues.
Adam: Marine Biologist, not in the lab but diving with dolphins.

The project you will never forget.

One of our most memorable projects was the gallery space, Longhouse Projects. A friend had introduced us to an art collector from Japan that wanted to come to New York City to open a gallery and share the work of a few special artists he collected from Japan and Europe. He hired us to help him look for spaces, which turned out to take several months. As architects, having a say in choosing the space was special. That became Longhouse Projects, a gallery space downtown that had a short and beautiful life.

But, what was best about it was realizing that, unlike an apartment, a space open to the public could be inhabited by so many more people and be a part of the city. Not only was the space used for art shows, but it was a gathering space for poetry readings and fashion shows. Creating a space loved by those who shared their art in it and those who experienced their creations was extremely rewarding.

longhouse projects studio with art on display

Your favourite business tool or resource.

Lauren: The phone. I love talking to building product manufacturers and learning about their products.
Adam: I used to love building study models, but SketchUp is so easy and fast and almost as good.

The most timeless design.

Notre Dame du Haut (Le Corbusier’s Chapel in Ronchamp) and Katsura Villa in Kyoto.

Williamsburg Ainslie Street House Kitchen Designed by Glickman Schlesinger Architects
Williamsburg Ainslie Street House Kitchen Designed by Glickman Schlesinger Architects

The biggest design faux pas.

Plagiarism and not designing from your heart.

Your design motto.

Always give a client more than they thought to ask for.

Our publisher KOKET makes statement décor, if you were to design a room around one KOKET piece, which would it be, and why?

The Bloom Sofa. We like that it’s reminiscent of previous time periods and enjoy the practice of balancing history with current design.

bloom sofa by koket

Love happens when…

You eat, sleep, work, and dream with your partner.

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