Signature Scent – What Is Yours?

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What is the smell of your personality? When you decide what to wear, your makeup, or your hairstyle, you make decisions according to your feelings.

Before going out, the final touch is exactly the way people will remember you. Signature Scent is something that represents you and talks about you. Signature Scent means your personal fragrance.

To talk about Signature Scent is to talk about niche parfumerie, a different model of producing fragrances from the most common commercial lines. Signature Scent offers exclusivity, identity, positioning, and distinction.

Sensorial personal marketing defines a person or a brand for its positioning, giving a full experience to the six senses of the ones who can feel it. More than personal marketing, it is to give meaning to a daily choice.

Currently, the fragrance industry uses fragrances and ingredients numbering well into the thousands, with some popular scents containing almost 300 ingredients. Some fragrances are so secret the list of ingredients isn’t even disclosed to protect from duplication. 

To differentiate Scents and personalities, there are four scent families: Woody, Floral, Amber, and Fresh.

These families take a respective space on the Fragrance Wheel, a circular diagram that illustrates the four Scent families in relation to each of their corresponding subfamilies.

The Fragrance Wheel by Scent expert Michael Edwards aids perfumers and fragrance lovers alike by placing families that share common olfactory characteristics next to one another.

Subfamilies that are side-by-side on the wheel are most similar and therefore very likely to blend well together in a perfume, whereas families located further away from each other are less related.

Fragrance Wheel by Scent expert Michael Edwards


The Floral family usually includes a feminine characteristic and is also the most popular. The majority of the fragrances start in this family. Its most common notes are Orange Blossom, Jasmine, and Rose.


The Amber scent family is the most sensual and exotic. It is warm, powdery, and sweet, and has common notes of Vanilla, Myrrh, and Anise.


The Woody family includes scents that are warm and opulent, mixing incense-like fragrances with drier notes, such as patchouli.


The Fresh family is made of aromatic compositions backed with underlying woodsy notes. It smells like citrus, clean and oceanic. Its common notes are white flowers and bergamot.

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Find Your Signature Scent!

It is never too late to find the star of your show. Remember that!

After that, start by trying out fragrances before purchasing them. Then you must decide what you would like your fragrance to say about you. And be sure not to purchase a perfume just because it is new and trendy. Try to understand the fragrance families and find your own decoding methods.

The world of perfumery is open to interpretation and experimentation. Never be afraid of creating something different, that really represents you and your personal brand. Finding something that really represents your personality will become a whole lot easier.

Words by Maria Ines Romba

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