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In this edition of Empowered Women Empower, join us for a peek inside the feel-good world of Natasha McCrea. A relationship coach, speaker, actress, author, founder of the Love CEO Institute, and creator of the Feel Good Method, Natasha McCrea is all about helping ambitious womxn increase their Love Intelligence so they can uncover their authentic goals, unlock genuine confidence, call in more love, and make loving life a style.

“Design the life you want by calling in the love you desire” with Natasha McCrea | The Love CEO

Love Happens: As our name, and the tagline of our publisher KOKET denotes, at ‘Love Happens’ we are firm believers that you cannot achieve any level of success without love. With a name like The Love CEO we know love must be essential for you too! When did your love affair with love begin!? And how did this make you feel?

Natasha McCrea: Yes, that is so true love, and the things that evoke love are essential to living full lives. It’s the foundation of everything. My love affair with real authentic love began after my 2nd divorce. I was a “love” addict for most of my life and love always seemed to elude me. Thus, I spent time looking for it, yearning for it, and chasing it. But, I was going about it all wrong.

In 2003 I set out on a journey to understand it and I decided to go on a quest to find Real Love. I read every book, got into therapy both group and private and I went to workshops. After several years and starting Love CEO Institute I made a magnificent discovery. I am love and I have the power to connect to universal love and generate more of it.

Lh: Tell us a bit about your path and what led to your decision to start the Love CEO Institute?

Natasha: I started Love CEO Institute after the tour of my one-woman show “Evolution of a Love Addict”. The show is a sneak peek into the mind of a serial dating divorcee on her quest to find real love. After each show, we had talkbacks, which are Q & As, and the questions that came from the audience weren’t what I expected. 

I expected questions about acting and the stories, but the questions were very personal. They asked questions like “How do I love again?”, “How can I forgive my family?”, “How do you move on past the hurt?”, “After going through such a painful divorce, how do you live again?”

The questions poured in. I received messages in my inbox, and I would spend hours responding to them. I told everyone who would listen how I found myself again and how peace and love became a lifestyle for me. So I decided to take all of my knowledge and created an online community with courses, a coach, and memberships to help women stay connected to themselves, build genuine confidence, connect to their feminine power and so much more.

Lh: You use the expressions “love vibration” and “love intelligence”, can you define these for us and explain why they are important?

Natasha: Love Intelligence is an array of characteristics and behaviors that displays compassion for one’s self and others. It is the ability to perceive, understand, express, and receive love. There are 5 core values of Love Intelligence: Self-awareness, Expression, Empathy, Self-Compassion, and Receiving. It’s the method I developed as a result of my journey. I have always been an advocate for emotional Intelligence and after years of dissecting love and coaching clients, I realized one proponent missing in this space is Love Intelligence.

The state of society and our communities are missing this piece. It lays the foundation for a healthy well-being for all. If our society could grasp this, reconnect to this intelligence, and improve their LQ, which we are all born with. We’ll all be better off for it. LQ or Love Quotient is the ability to connect to Love Intelligence. When someone is connected to this, it’s contagious. It spreads to those around us, in our communities, and with those we interact with, it becomes a contagion. And, the world is better off for it. Similar to the pay it forward movement. 

When you are in the Love Intelligence flow it creates a love vibration. We are all energy and there are studies that measure the frequency that emotions emit. I call this vibes. By raising your love vibration you are happier. You call more of what you want into your life. You become a magnet for more love and what else rests at this frequency.

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Lh: When it comes to romance, do you believe in a “one”?

Natasha: When it comes to romance I do believe in “The One”, right now. I crack myself up when I say that. But, let’s just think about that. There are over 8 billion people on this planet. And, to think there is only one person for everyone is off putting to me. 

We’re such vast individuals it is limiting to think that you only have one person in your lifetime who is supposed to be your person. It also sets you up for an all-or-nothing mentality which leads to a lot of hard lessons and heartache.

I believe we have multiple soulmates in life. By no means is this view a pass for infidelity or dishonesty, but it can be freeing to think that the person in front of you who feeds your soul is your person. And it’s empowering to know if that relationship doesn’t work out, there are at least 100,000, or more, other options out there that will feed your soul equally, if not better. 

Lh: You say, “Make loving your life a lifestyle, so you can love the life you live”, of course, we love this! What three pieces of advice would you give to someone looking to bring more love into their life?

Natasha: I love when I find like-minded people. You all have these love vibes on high. I can feel it when I look at your work. Life can feel good. Give yourself permission to feel that and be willing to find pleasure in it all. This all starts with core value #1 of the Love Intelligence method, Self-awareness.

  1. Get in touch with yourself and what brings you pleasure.
  2. Create a pleasure blueprint. Pleasure is your birthright. When was the last time you felt pleasure? Or how often do you feel pleasure? Exactly! With our busy schedules and lifestyles, we need this on the calendar, just like everything else. It’ll keep your spirits up. It’ll also help you declutter your life. When you connect to pleasure you are making a statement that you matter, to both yourself and the Universe.
  3. Get a self-love workout. Identify true love. Connect with others who are on this same vibe.

Lh: Do you have any mottos you like to live by? Or favorite empowering quotes?

Natasha: I know what shifts my mood. I know what brings me pleasure and sometimes it’s as simple as sitting in my underwear sipping champagne and eating raw oysters. 

There are so many quotes I like but what first popped up right now is “Take the path of least resistance”.  I was first introduced to this quote in Deepak Chopra’s “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”. Somewhere along the lines, we got the message that life was supposed to always be hard. I don’t believe that and I would like to shift the culture. There will be hard moments, but not for the sake of it being a lifestyle. So yes, “Take the path of least resistance”—there is no resistance in real love. Oh sounds like I just came up with my own quote. “There is no resistance in real love.”

Lh: What’s next for Natasha McCrea?

Natasha: My next stop is my retreat in Peru “Awakening Your Love Intelligence” in the Sacred Valley near Machu Picchu May 21-28, registration is open. Come join in the fun, breakthrough, and breathtaking experiences.

Visit Natasha McCrea | The Love CEO at natashamccrea.com.

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