Beat the Heat with Smart Temperature Bedding

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Summer is approaching, along with its glory and heat. It’s time to swap out your winter essentials for summer gear for those warm months ahead. It can be a struggle to know what to add to the bedroom when the temperature fluctuates. It’s important to get comfortable in order to get that well-deserved rest time. If you’re prone to night sweats and want to opt for a stylish bed sheet with cooling technology, keep reading! We have found our new favorite cooling sheets that are perfect for this summer.

Beat the Heat with Smart Temperature Bedding

What Is Smart Temperature Bedding?

Those who struggle with night sweats know the awful feeling of waking up feeling sweaty and hot throughout the night. Our body temperature has to level in order to sleep well. If we’re too cold, it’s very likely that your quality of sleep won’t be tranquil. Similarly, you won’t sleep as well when you’re too hot.

The Fine Bedding Company released a temperature controlling collection of sheets, pillowcases, and duvets. By using a unique Smart Temp™ technology from Swiss textile innovators HeiQ, it gives hot sleepers optimal comfort. With the summer months just around the corner, why not grant yourself a cool night?

Cooling Bed Sheets

Cooling down through temperature regulating bedding is a revolutionary approach to successful sleep all year round. Designed to keep you cool and comfortable, it offers a cooling sensation at the first sign of moisture. The Smart Temperature Linen Range offers premium quality bedding made for superior sleep. Moreover, with the soft 200 thread count cotton bed linen, it’s the perfect option to add to your duvet for a luxury and peaceful night’s rest. With their pioneering technology throughout the collection, each product is precisely designed to give you overnight innovation that’s taken four generations to perfect.

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Level Up Your Bedroom for Summer

Whilst trading your summer duvet for a lighter tog, it may be time to switch up your mattress topper to allow for breathability this summer.

As well as providing cooling bed sheets, The Fine Bedding Company also provides an array of Activated Cooling Technology™ throughout their Temperature Management Protectors to allow for a complete 360° cooling system.

With Fine Beddings specifically engineered bio-based Cooling System Activation™ by Swiss textile innovators HeiQ®, they provide your bedroom essentials that deliver both instant and continuous cooling. You’ll be sleeping in a cool cloud this summer with their soft and sustainably sourced cotton products with their smart temperature mattress topper and supportive smart temperature pillow! With sustainability and functionality being of the utmost importance for this brand, odds are you won’t be disappointed!

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