Modern Home Designs for Your New Home

paul mclean modern home designs

There is nothing like modern home design with clean lines, geometric shapes, open floor plans, expansive windows, and sleek interior and exterior designs. If you are looking for modern home design inspirations to get to your new home then this is just the right place for you.

These days. Less is more and decorating a home is about having a design that serves a function. Designing a home is not all about functionality and comfortability, but also it should have a stylish look your guests will praise inside and out. While you must have found the best movers with the help of Moving Feedback, you need to pay attention to the decoration part now. If you are looking for inspiring thoughts to have a modern home design, these tips are sure to help you!

9 Tips to Achieve a Stunning Modern Home Design

Feature Nature-Inspired Materials 

Besides being futuristic, modern designs also emphasize a return to the natural roots. Woody homes are designed with naturally occurring wood colors and shapes. This adds elegance to your home while being modern yet sophisticated.

Interior by @camilapimenta.arquiteta featuring the Mandy Sofa by KOKET
Interior by Camila Pimenta featuring the Mandy Sofa by KOKET

Keep It Simple 

It reflects elegance and can condense the beauty of magic into ordinary and straightforward things. Minimalist designs had become popular in modern home designs that allow people to live in more expansive spaces.

Pay Attention to Shapes 

Having strong shapes like squares and rectangles is an excellent way to give a modern feel to your home. So, when you choose shapes of several objects like sinks, and bathtubs, go with these geometric shapes for a hallmark modern feel. 

Neutral Walls 

While wallpapers are still in, when it comes to modern design many designers opt for natural walls. More and more neutral colors are added to walls such as beige, greys, whites, and so on. 

koket luxury living room modern home design with neutral walls
Interior by KOKET


Having de-cluttered countertops, mantels, tables, etc is common in modern home designs. Minimalistic design in which minimum decoration is added is a key way to accomplish a modern design. Keep things out of sight and make them as clean as possible. Staying more organized will reflect the feature of modern design. Do you know the small items present in your home create the most chaos in the house? So be sure to find proper spaces to keep any necessary knick knacks safe and out of sight.

Keep Only the Essentials  

As you know minimalist style is streamlined into modern design therefore, you don’t need to only decorate minimally, but you should also have a clean design. This offers a welcoming spot to enjoy the view. The cleaner the space is, the warmer, inviting and cozier the feel it provides. 

modern home foyer with marble and brass center table by koket
Interior by KOKET

Brighten Up with Indoor Lighting 

Good lighting plays a crucial role in making a home look great. When interiors are brightened up with the right type of lighting, then this creates a great ambiance inside the house. This complements the entire interior in the best possible way. Use low-voltage lights so that your home is affordable too. Don’t be too harsh, just follow the subtle ideas and cater to your chic look. 

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Go for Classic

Just like many other forms of home designs, modern designs can be classic, timeless, and evergreen. Unlike contemporary design that keeps on changing and trends of such designs change each passing day, modern designs are true to their roots and do not go out of trend with the time, and this is the reason why you should opt for classic things like the things that are derived from the nature. 

Use Open Shelving in the Kitchen 

The kitchen is the heart of every home therefore you need to pay attention to this part. Try open shelving. This type of storage makes items more accessible to you and working in such kitchens becomes very easy. If you don’t like open shelves, because many people don’t find them preferable, then you can have one open section in contrast with some cabinets. You can cater the design as per your choice but this gives a more spacious look to your kitchen. 

Interior by KOKET

Wrapping It All Up

Designing the modern home of your dreams is not at all easy. You need to consider your needs and have to add the right artistic choice at every turn. From theme to walls, furniture to colors, fixtures to textures, everything needs to be streamlined and proper so that it fits together to create the perfect home. This is when you can’t overlook anything present. We hope the above tips help you create a modern design in your home!

Feature Image: Design by Paul McClean

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