Top 10 Famous Brands Creating a Sense of Luxury Living Through Instagram Stories

luxury Instagram stories

By now, Instagram stories are considered one of the most influential and engaging formats that brands use for promotion, especially when it comes to luxury. They serve as a looking glass that allows us to see how to improve our level of life and get inspired and motivated by the looks and likes of luxurious and high-quality life. The modern material world has many things to fascinate viewers.

Stories are incredibly useful for increasing engagement on Instagram, especially if you can buy story views in addition to your organic reach, and especially if you are in the luxury sector. Features that Instagram offers to use in stories make them incredibly productive for many goals:

  • Attracting new audience 
  • Retaining the existing one
  • Collecting and exposing feedback
  • Present the product
  • Make more sales

And many, many more. Instagram stories are an effective instrument for brands in any segment—like mass market, as premium too. So, here are examples of great work done by famous brands from various industries, so you can find inspiration and ideas.

10 Famous Brands to Inspire Luxury Living In Your Instagram Stories


The glorious sportswear brand is placing short interviews with known athletes in their IG stories to get views. As the celebrities speak about their accomplishments and career, they expose premium quality Nike products on the go. And although shoes and apparel are often out of focus, the reputation of the company is still uptight. And by now, the reputation is what makes Nike products a desired marker of well-being. People who care about themselves, choose this brand out of many because the quality and impeccable designs are surely what wealthy people cherish. 


Known for its beautifully hand-crafted furniture and alluring savoir-faire, KOKET wins the hearts of design lovers around the world. Founded by the vivacious Janet Morias and run by a team of exceptionally talented and dedicated women and men, KOKET works with the world’s finest interior designers and decor lovers to create stunning interiors. Each piece is meticulously crafted in Portugal using the finest materials. From feathers and gemstones to cast metals and carved woods each KOKET piece makes a statement while satisfying its owner’s needs for comfort and functionality. And oh how their luxury Instagram stories make you want to dwell with their designs!


Well, Starbucks never stands aside from the latest trends that could increase the popularity of the brand. Their usage of story views is mostly concentrated on gathering and exposing testimonials from their clients. Entertainment is provided as well—the marketers of this brand reveal interesting facts and make quizzes not only about products but about the whole coffee industry too. 

A good example to take in your arsenal is how Starbucks is playing with customers to announce things. They make up a guessing game for which product is coming back to the assortment. Or what will be the signature drink of the upcoming holiday season. Although Starbucks cannot be called the most expensive network of coffee shops, its strategy is definitely attractive, driving lots of people straight to their doorstep to get a truly iconic cup of morning coffee. 


Insta stories are a prima ballerina of this brand’s promotion strategy. The key to success is making lots of user-generated content. Actively exploiting experience pieces works excellent for Airbnb, because people often hesitate as they choose where to go. By exposing the feedback from happy customers and Instagram story views, Airbnb builds the reputation of the brand continuously. And they are also able to motivate users to choose a more expensive place, simply showing stunning views and exclusive interior designs. 

Another vector of their content for stories is:

  • Producing short documentaries about popular or exotic destinations, 
  • Providing valuable information for their potential and actual customers. 

Such content can also be fun and iconic: this year, the famous house where Kevin had stayed alone, a prominent symbol of the Christmas mood, has become a place to rent on Airbnb! While scrolling through this offer, one inevitably begins wondering what Mr. McCallister’s job is and where to apply for it! 


Beauty products and personal care retailers that are known all around the world represent one of the most successful industries for promoting on Instagram. The Sephora account on IG harnesses more than 20 million subs, who watch their updates closely. Stories by Sephora include lots of types.

Here you can find:

  • Tutorials, 
  • Collaborations, 
  • Campaigns, 
  • Useful information about brands 
  • And much more unique content about beauty and personal care.

Sephora is a massive aggregator of beauty products from different segments of the market. Here you can find affordable items and exclusive offers for people who appreciate luxurious brands. Thus, the marketing team develops a unique campaign for any brand they collaborate with, producing relevant content for each category. 

Sophia Webster

The signature design of this brand is a wing of a butterfly. Hence, the whole concept is based on a light, fairy, and summer vibe. Sophia’s Instagram account perfectly reflects this idea—in their feed, they post lots of juicy and cheery photos and videos, celebrating the beauty of the shoes. 

Story views on this account have a relatively practical aim. You will see a mix of helpful information about products, find out brand policy, product highlights, and of course, customer feedback. Everything here is targeted at encouraging viewers to buy a pair of these fairytale shoes for themselves or your little princess. No way can a fashion lover miss these. Sophia Webster’s shoes cost a lot, but for that price, your fairy tale pumps will make you feel as light as a butterfly! The detailed, colorful work will serve you for a long time, driving the attention to your flawless pedi!


This huge store of furniture and home decor uses stories a lot. Selling things that complement your home is probably one of the most successful niches to occupy on Instagram. You can sell your products on Wayfair’s social platform by presenting Instagram story viewers an idea of what they want to see back at their place! The luxury Instagram Stories of this brand demonstrate how good it can be, so here you will see classy interior photos that will give you an itch for redoing your house at once! 

La Maison Daum

Works of art made from glass. Daum is an old brand (established in 1878) that mesmerizes viewers with the grace and fragility of its products. Having a vase from this company is a great treasure, as it is a flawless form and color combination that comes in limited numbers. 

But don’t think that this is an old-fashioned thing. Daum presents many collaborations with young and prominent designers, making themselves relevant to younger audiences too. 

Daum vase or figurine will be a precious and tender, yet somewhat daring, gift for people who seem to have everything and want to decorate their place with an exclusive piece. 


Nowadays, LEGO offers so much more than just toys for kids—this is an honored mastodon of the entertainment and collection industry. Plenty of items are exciting and challenging exclusive collectibles for grown-ups too! For people who adore puzzles and collectibles produced by this famous brand, their account would be worth subscribing to. 

The Instagram stories that LEGO posts are primarily interactive, to gather helpful information for the company and entertain the viewer. Also, Stories, and feed posts too, are often exposing the most fascinating projects made with the lego blocks. Looking through their profile, you will realize how deep and how expensive this block-building hobby can be.

And don’t forget to check out exclusive models, dedicated to iconic movies and brands that are also exposed on Instagram – Adidas Lego shoes are definitely worth a glance!


The strategy of the famous doll brand is quite simple—they use its Instagram story views as a presentative space for new items in stock or upcoming releases, along with calls to action to make more sales. Barbie products are as inspirational as Instagram quotes, for example. Another special kind of content that the company provides is luxurious collectibles and superior sets. Specially made Barbies come in small numbers, and you will be surprised how many collectors are literally hunting them to appear in stock. 

Another interesting fact to discover is how exclusive retro Barbies have become. The dolls that once used to dwell in every girl’s dollhouse are now expensive and rare collectibles and still have millions of fans.

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