A Tropical Modern Family Retreat by The Up Studio

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Set on the Intracoastal Waterway of Boca Raton, FL, Infinity House is a stunning 19,000 SF modern family retreat! Or shall we say a private boutique hotel divided into five individually retreatful zones, with four infinity pools, a yacht dock, planted interior courtyard, a second-floor bar, and a modern art collection, all designed and or/curated in-house by The Up Studio.

On one side, facing the public street, the home features magical landscaping shielding it from outside eyes. On the other side, open to the waterway, the interior and exterior merge. Lastly, a cantilevered shell shades the home from the extreme Florida summer sun while creating an exterior living space.

“Waterfront property always offers a unique opportunity to explore the front vs. the back of the house,” said John Patrick Winberry, NY-based Architect and Partner at The Up Studio. “It feels like you’re in an intimate experience as you approach the house. But once you’re inside, the view explodes due to the glazing overlooking the water. I love the dynamic nature of the entry sequence, which is wrapped in greenery, in an intriguing dialogue with the back facade, which is wrapped in glazing.”

Inside a Tropical Modern Family Retreat by The Up Studio

Thoughtful Design

Several core concepts drive the breathtaking Infinity House design. First the maximization of views, giving the best locations in the home, primarily the bedroom wing and family suites, the best views.

Next came environmental consideration, with the sun at the core. The residence’s roof provides a flat space for solar power while the structures form harnesses the power of natural shade to minimize cooling costs.

Finally, geometry. As seen in how the home’s open floor plan strategically organizes around a rigid grid system—blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces and creating a defining element of the home, a cantilevered “floating” pool.

A Retreat for Gathering

One of our favorite features of the Infinity House is its flow. The way in which The Up Studio masterfully designed the space to encourage multiple gathering and entertaining zones, and then zones for retreat.

Gathering Spaces

All circulation paths throughout the modern family retreat converge in the center of the L-shaped property. Here family and their guests come together in the home’s shared spaces. The kitchen, sitting room, dining area, and patio space meet alongside the stunning infinity pool and spectacular views.

To accommodate the clients’ passion for entertaining, The Up Studio designed a private home bar set in the middle of the second-floor bedroom wings, which encourages gathering. The bar area overlooks the first-floor gathering spaces below and connects with the “floating” plunge pool.

All ready for indoor-outdoor socializing!

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Private Spaces

And when the time for privacy calls, The Up Studio created the perfect family and guest suites. Whether, after a full day of family and friends, a short nap, or upon waking after a delightfully restful sleep, the guest wing and primary bedroom suites offer private retreats with hotelesque amenities and their own pools.

On the waterfront side of the home, family suites line the upper floor. Each unit has a stone-wrapped ensuite bathroom with custom floating vanities, walk-in closet, and stackable sliding doors that lead them onto their private balcony overlooking the canal.

The main bedroom suite is one of the most remote areas of the residence. It includes a home office, a luxurious bathroom, and an oversized dressing area with a closet. The bathroom is flanked by two custom stone vanities and toilet rooms. A modern floating tub sits in the center of the honed travertine bathroom. And two curbless showers sit beside floor-to-ceiling smart glass windows that fog for privacy with the flip of a switch.

Indoor Outdoor Living

Natural stone with cedar accents and white walls create consistency as indoor and outdoor spaces flow together. This neutral interior palette allows the lush natural environment surrounding the home to pop. And so begins the fabulous indoor-outdoor living at this modern family retreat.

While Boca Raton’s Intracoastal Waterway is perfect for yachting, however, when it comes to swimming, the pools at Inifinity House are key. And not just one, but four custom pools! While the two private pools and the main communal infinity pool located outside the home’s gathering spaces are gorgeous, the pièce de résistance is the plunge pool that cantilevers from the balcony above.

The second-story pool is wrapped in rounded aquarium glass. This allows the family and guests to see through the pool from the private bar area. A ramped water feature allows water to slide down a dark surface, which naturally heats the pool.

Indoors and outdoors play together again in the home’s planted courtyard at the heart of the project. Here large palms, a key feature of the region, to be seen from every single space in the home. Additionally, the central atrium provides cross ventilation in the spring and fall.

Explore Infinity House

The design and scale of this modern family retreat are well captured in this film. Watch and explore how the indoors and outdoors beautifully unite creating the home’s luxurious connection with nature. And be sure to follow @theupstudio to see what these creative geniuses come up with next!

Photography by Alan Tansey // HA Photography // Living Proof, Courtesy of The Up Studio

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