10 Ways Color Can Improve Nearly Every Aspect of Your Life

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The power of color is something quite spectacular! A fact that color therapist, author, and interior designer Walaa AlMuhaiteeb reins in through her business Walaa Colorways. Walaa’s personal journey with color started when she attended a color training while looking for a deeper meaning to life. This eventually led to the balanced life she’s always dreamed of having in the full spectrum of color!

Meet Walaa, The Color Healer

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As an intuitive color healer and trained interior designer, Walaa AlMuhaiteeb mentors women and entrepreneurs to find renewed confidence, a strong sense of purpose, and a better life balance, all with the power of color. While also working with private clients to create healing spaces, an approach to interior design that uses color and its elements while focusing on the wellness of the users of the spaces vs. only aesthetics.

Through her own unique five modality system, Walaa harnesses her client’s energy to develop emotional fluidity. She uses a combination of color frequency, crystal sound healing, body release movement, mental reprogramming, and breathwork in one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and workshops to help release blockages.

During her sessions, Walaa encourages women to spiritually and emotionally evolve. She gives as much support as they need to move beyond fear, exit toxic relationships, develop strong self-understanding by accepting their own shadow, and discover a deep connection to their purpose.

In addition to her mentioning, Walaa released a book in July 2021 titled, Heal Yourself With Color: Harness the Power of Color to Change Your Life. As a master of color, we asked Walaa if she would share with us ways in which colors can improve our lives—read on to find out her top picks!

10 Ways the Power of Color Can Improve Nearly Every Aspect of Your Life

1. Meditate With Ease

Using color in your meditation can help you relax faster, go deeper and even find out things your subconscious mind is asking from you. Color is a frequency that tells us about our needs and speaks to our nervous system; for example, if baker miller pink is a color you have a good experience with, as soon as you look at it, your nervous system will go into a relaxing mode.

2. Creates a Supportive Space In Your Home

The color in our spaces affects the people around us and us. Each color has a frequency that is constantly communicating to us through our eyes; for example, some colors will sedate, others will excite, so placing the right colors in the suitable spaces is vital for a room’s overall wellbeing and harmony.

3. Uplift Your Mood

Color can help us through challenging days. We usually go for darker and deeper colors when going through difficult times. Changing that up can give you a whole new perspective. When you are feeling down, try to go for outfits, place items around you, or even change your screen to orange or yellow, which will uplift you. When frustrated, try on something in soft pink or pastel green. Those two colors can soften the frustration and help you see things in a kinder way.

4. Eat for Your Wellbeing

Each vegetable or fruit grew under the sun’s frequencies, and their colors are pulled from the minerals in the soul and light frequency. Greens usually help soothe anger; red foods give us more stamina… etc.

5. The Way You See Yourself

Every time we connect to color, it can bring out different parts, especially when wearing them. Colors can help you see yourself in all the ways that you are. Different angles of you will show you who you are more and more every time. Seeing yourself in all the forms and aspects is so valuable.

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6. Subconscious Programming

We can quickly tap into the subconscious mind when working with color in meditation, visualization, and energy work. It can tell us about the beliefs blocking us from different things such as love and success. We can reprogram and wire them to release and change all by using the language of color.

7. Master Manifestation

Using color to manifest is one of the most potent tools because it will help you tap into the right frequency of the thing you want and align it with how you feel this frequency. This makes it easier to manifest the items you wish by aligning fast with their frequency. Also, visualizing these dreams in magenta and embodying them makes you a magnet to the things you want.

8. Connection With Nature

One of the ways nature speaks is through the color of each day. Grey days, for example, are a signal from the spirit to slow down and go within. Sunnier blue-sky days are days we connect to joy, move faster, bring our work to light… etc.

9. Self-compassion

The most powerful message when working with color is to understand the different spectrums and aspects each color has. Understanding the shadow side of color and its light helps you see that you are also made of shadow and light; this enables you to find self-compassion more and more every time you work with color.

10. The Way Others See You

Color is a form of expression, the more color we use in our clothing, the more we tell the world about ourselves, how we feel and who we are. We can use that to our advantage for job interviews, important meetings, dates… etc.

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