20 Luxury Remodel Ideas For Your Bathroom

paul mcclean design luxury bathroom remodel ideas

Remodeling your bathroom is no easy task, but there is definitely a sense of excitement if you start to imagine what it’s going to look like, the level of relaxation it would bring you, and basically just being able to finally get everything you wanted in your bathroom. Upscaling your bathroom with a luxury remodel is even more exciting. The idea of having to walk in there and suddenly feel like you’re in a hotel or a spa, or the fancy bathrooms that you see in movies in your own home. From installing a double sink and bathroom vanity to decors and accents, here are a few luxury bathroom remodel ideas that you can try to achieve that high-end feel!

20 Luxury Remodel Ideas For Your Bathroom

Huge Floor Area

Having a considerable bathroom is certainly a luxury. Not everyone can spare the extra square footage in their home that can be used instead for other value-adding spaces. For homeowners willing to spare a few more square feet for their bathroom, you can definitely opt for bathroom remodeling to look more luxurious. If you don’t have the space for this or do not want any major work done, you can opt for converting your bathroom to have an open layout and achieve almost the same effect.

High Ceilings

Take your bathroom to the next level by having a high ceiling. Whether it’s bathrooms or not, rooms with high ceilings feel more spacious and luxurious. For your bathroom, you can even level up further and couple this beautiful stain glass window or a skylight window and have natural light stream into your bathroom.

luxury bathroom remodel ideas mcclean design aea interiors tyler development
Design by McClean Design, AEA Interiors & Tyler Development

Glass Dividers

Gone are the days of wall dividers and shower curtains. Recent trends lean to either an open layout or using glass dividers with handles that match your bathroom fixtures for a spectacular look and feel. You can even level it up further by using frosted glass on specific sections to add to privacy and feel even more luxurious.

Use Naural Stone

Many luxury bathrooms that you see in hotels and spas make use of natural stone, either as part of the floor and walls, fixtures and countertops, or decor. Installing quartz or granite vanity tops or accents walls made from stone or marble bricks exudes elegance. As a bonus, it is also easy to clean and maintain.

luxury natural stone bathroom balck and white stephanie coutras
Design by Stepanie Coutas

Minimalist Design

We’ve all heard the saying less is more. For your bathroom, this can also be applied. Having a bathroom with all the bells and whistles and over-the-top decor is okay; after all, to each to their own taste. However, there is also a particular style and elegance to a minimalist bathroom, especially when kept clean. 

Statement Mirrors

A statement mirror can serve both functional and decorative purposes. Updating your mirror is one of the quickest, and easiest luxury bathroom remodel ideas. Well-placed mirrors will also make the bathroom feel more spacious. You can choose to add framed mirrors, geometric and abstract shaped mirrors, backlit mirrors, and full wall mirrors. All of which can add an elegant feel to your bathroom.

Egoist Mirror Koket

Accent Chair or Couch

Have you noticed that powder rooms and bathrooms of five-star hotels and lounges have an elegant-looking chair or couch in a corner? Why not do the same for your bathroom? You might not have enough space for a full sofa but a beautiful armchair or padded bench will definitely do the trick. 

luxury bathroom remodel nina magon studio
Design by Nina Magon

Bathtub Centerpiece

Most bathrooms take into account practicality and maximize every square foot. It’s definitely not practical to have the bathtub smack center of your bathroom. However, for luxury bathrooms, having a statement bathtub and having it as the centerpiece of your bathroom gives off a certain grandeur that most bathrooms cannot achieve.

bathroom pink elegant luxury remodel lori morris design
Design by Lori Morris

View Facing Bathroom

If your home has stunning views, why not position your bathroom to face it. Install a tub and couple it with a full window wall. What better way to enjoy a bath than enjoying a picturesque view? Have your bathroom overlook bright city lights or snow-capped mountains to achieve this. This would surely make your bathroom feel like it jumped off from the pages of a lifestyle magazine.

paul mcclean design luxury bathroom remodel ideas
Design by McClean Design

Heated Flooring

Having heated flooring in your bathroom is certainly lavish, besides the cost of installing it, the added cost of heating is something to consider as well. We have all experienced this. After enjoying a relaxing hot bath, you have to step off onto cold stone floors. Why not spoil yourself and install heated flooring?

Elevated Platforms

Having elevated platforms in your bathroom is another luxury feature, although it doesn’t necessarily have any benefits, other than being aesthetically pleasing and giving off the feeling of opulence. The bathtub is often the element placed on a platform and typically in the center of the room. The elevated platform captures the focus and demands attention.

luxury bathroom design by tarakanova design
Design by Tarakanova Design

Double Everything

There are double sinks and vanities, but there are seldom double showers, double toilets, and even rarer, double bathtubs. If you have the space, why not try this for your master bathroom? Have his and her sinks, vanities, showers, toilets, and bathtubs. You might just enjoy coming and going as you please without waiting for your turn on anything.

bg design luxury bathroom with dual shower heads
Design by B+G Design

Ambiance Lighting

Standard lighting for your bathroom works, of course, it’s enough to allow you to go about your business. However for a luxurious feel why not try installing ambiance lighting, you can opt for pin lights, focused lighting, dimmer lights, drop lights, and modern chandeliers. After all, it’s a lot more relaxing to enjoy your bath after a long day with the right ambiance. Plus if you go for beautifully designed light fixtures as part of your remodel you will surely create the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

studia 54 interior design
Design by Studia 54
passion sconce koket luxury lighting

Rain or Waterfall Shower Heads

Another feature of a luxury bathroom is a rain or waterfall shower head. These showerheads have a wider coverage which, in effect, may take you less time to go about your business. They also have less water pressure compared to traditional showerheads and can make your bath experience more relaxing. 

luxury bathroom remodel nina takesh
Design by Nina Takesh


Mosaics in a room may look overwhelming, especially for a small space like a bathroom. However, an understated (or statement!) bespoke mosaic in one corner would undoubtedly glam up your bathroom.

Release your creativity and come up with an eye-catching design.  

stephanie coutas bath shower Cannes - Francis Amiand
Design by Stephanie Coutas (Photo by Francis Amiand)

Monochrome Palette

Most people have a hard time choosing a color palette for their house. Don’t fret. You can always go for a monochromatic color scheme. It’s easier; just select a color, and it will fall into place. Not to mention the understated elegance a monochrome palette gives your bathroom.

kelly behun luxury monochromatic bathroom
Design by Kelly Behun

Floral Wallpaper

Are you tired of the same old walls and at a loss for ideas? Why not give your bathroom character and install wallpaper with vast and intricate floral patterns and get transported to a mid-century modern bathroom. On the plus side, wallpapers aren’t that difficult to install. Automatically get the vintage feel with this old-school trend. 

kips bay showhouse doniphan moore master bathroom design with floral wallpaper
Design at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas 2020 by Doniphan Moore (Photo by Stephen Karlisch)

Window Treatments

Window treatments are not a necessity, but they are a great way to create a lavish feel. They offer privacy and add an element of color or pattern to your decor. You can opt to install drapes, blinds, shutters, and shades, just ensure you coordinate it with the rest of your decor for a more put-together and basically just tie everything together.

lori morris bathroom photo brandon barre
Design by Lori Morris

Colored Bathroom Fixtures

Play around with your bathroom fixtures. Your sink, toilet, and tub do not necessarily have to be stark white. Play around with colors. Most luxury bathrooms tend to have bold statement pieces. You can go copper for a clean and classic look or black for an industrial feel. Other homeowners tend to be bolder and use softer colors like yellow, pink, green, or blue. It might be difficult and expensive to find these fixtures in these colors, but it would definitely be worth it. 

Sauna or Steam Room

What screams luxury more than any other feature out there than a sauna or steam room? You might be hesitant because of the space it would take up, but it can be flexible. It doesn’t have to be as large as the ones you see in spas, resorts, and hotels. It can be just the right size for one or two people and would just take up the same space a regular shower area would. 

Final Thoughts

To make a bathroom feel luxurious, there are many things to consider. On top of a bathroom’s traditional look and contents, what makes it high-end are the details and the finishing. Spending time and effort picking and working out ideas will ensure that you get your desired results for your luxury bathroom remodel.

Remember to try to find the right balance between all the elements you choose to incorporate. Overdoing even just a minor aspect can make your bathroom feel tacky instead of luxurious. Working with an interior designer may also be ideal, they can help ensure that you are able to execute the grand vision for your bathroom.

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