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san marina shoes

Shoes become staples in our closets faster than any other item. The right shoe is an item you can wear day in and day out; dress them up or dress them down. With 40 years in the industry and nearly 200 stores in France alone, San Marina has seen trends come and go. A quick perusal of their latest designs reveals they haven’t lost a step. Offering bold inclusion and expertise, San Marina has a style for anyone and any occasion.  There are three specific trends they offer a great gateway to. 

3 Fabulous Ways to Put Your Personal Twist on New Trends In Footwear & Accessories

1. Sneakers Fit Any Occasion

It’s normal to see women wearing sneakers while commuting—exquisite pumps tucked away in an oversized bag waiting for their moment to shine in the boardroom. On a recent trip to Milan, I noticed that sneakers maintained preeminence. Women didn’t change their shoes in the evening, and Stella McCartney sneakers sat below Yves St. Laurant dresses on window mannequins. Comfort has come to the fore, but there’s still a place for style. San Marina offers a range of sneakers with metallic details, making them fit for any occasion, from the track to errands, to dressing them up with a skirt for a night out.

gold and black sneakers by san marina shoes
Sneakers are no longer reserved for the gym. With the right pair, you can wear them anywhere.
decadence book case koket gold brass round luxury high end home decor furniture shelves

2. Ballerina Shoes Are Back 

Fashion is cyclical, and like so much of the 90s and early 2000s, ballerina shoes are back in force. Many remember them as dull but also comfortable. These shoes hit the map when the likes of Kate Moss wore them with skinny jeans and mini skirts. Skinny jeans may now be seen as millennials’ mark of age, but Miu Miu and tons of other high-end brands have brought mini skirts back in recent collections. San Marina offers a unique range of trendy patterns and colors. Also, some of their ballerinas have a slightly more substantial sole—an upgrade allowing our shoes to do more for us as we get back to the activities we love.

ballet flats manama gold san marina ballerinas
The Ballet Flats Manama offer a thicker sole making these classics even more comfortable and versatile.

3. More Memories for the Road 

Mules and combat boots are other early aughts trends making a comeback. In all reality, mules have been cyclical since the 70s, and it looks like combat boots are starting to follow suit. A good pair of either will last, adapt, and wait to be center stage again. Timeless neutrals and simple metallic details will keep you returning to your San Marina pair season after season.

beautiful women wearing gold mule heels
The right pair of mules prepares you for a vacation any year.

Wrapping Up

The list goes on with a wide range of women’s and men’s shoes and accessories. Over 70% of the last winter collection was produced in Europe, which gives the brand a supply chain edge. For a creative edge, San Marina invited four brands owned by young designers with original concepts to its store in Lyon Part Dieu and its website. These collaborations keep the brand on the leading edge of trends while supporting emerging designers. As San Marina grows, they continue to be a source of lively, bold, inspiring, and uninhibited fashion.

And because we love heels so much we had to shout out to San Marina’s women’s heels collection—a must-see!

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