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Remodeling a home is far from simple, however, the aesthetically pleasing end result is well worth the hassle. From custom built-ins to luxury bathtubs, the remodeling process should be a fun and exciting time, not a stressful one. A house should feel like home even in the midst of a long remodel. So, whether redoing your entire floorplan or simply adding an elegant touch, here are some essential home remodeling tips.

Mapping Out a Plan

Having a plan may appear as more work at first however, it’s crucial for any stress-free design project. Think about your favorite vacation homes and what you loved about them or write down a list of brands that match your aesthetic. A plan should include your most important tasks like choosing the perfect color for your living room, taking measurements of the space, purchasing bubble insulation for the walls, and organizing all that needs to be done. Having an efficient plan will not only save you a lot of time but also help to give you a good outline of the project as a whole. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to do everything at once.

While trends are fun, they only “trend” for an amount of time. Trends come and go every season, so it’s likely you’ll find new things that you like each year. Also, trends look stylish at the moment, but it’s not guaranteed they will last more than a couple of seasons. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that’s going to last only a few months. The safest way to approach trends, in general, is to invest in the most durable items. Choosing expensive and good-quality flooring and furniture will last a long time. You can be looser with accessories since they are easy to swap and can a new look to your home’s interior design. 

Luxury Crystal Eternity Chandelier by KOKET

A Fresh New Paint

A new coat of paint can give a quick and guaranteed fresh new look to a space. With the right color, you can make a space look elevated and create a focal point. The perfect color palette is one of the ways to improve natural lighting in your home. The colors of the walls affect the mood and atmosphere of the space, even have fun and paint a ceiling, too! Keep in mind that you can add stylish patterns, lavish texture, and gradients to any painted surface. Try adding stylish wallpaper accents to create unique looks. 

Don’t Underrate the Power of Accessories

Accessories and decor are the most fun part of interior design. You can play around with mixing old and new styles and still enjoy it. Finishing touches, like patterned pillows, unusual vases, and intricate artwork, can connect all the missing pieces of the place. Accessories are essential for setting the desired mood of the room, whether it’s making it cozy, stylish, boho, or classy. However, picking out decor and accessories should come last in the interior remodeling process. A fun thing to do though is to start thinking about them in advance, so you can choose the perfect paint color or furniture piece for the room. 

Final Thoughts

Interior design is a long and tedious process. Making it enjoyable is crucial. You’re creating your dream space, remember to start with a thorough plan for a design project. Divide different tasks into multiple days, so you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Find inspiration on the internet but follow your own style. Try out decor you wouldn’t normally try. Mix and match old and new to create one-of-a-kind designs. Make sure to use these tips on your next remodel job!

Feature Image: Interior by Camila Pimenta featuring the Mandy Sofa by KOKET

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