Decor Trends to Love for Summer 2022

As we approach the first day of summer, now is the perfect time to update your home’s decor. So, to get in the decorating mood, we have looked into five of the biggest decor trends for summer to inspire you to try new trends when decorating your home in 2022! 

5 Decor Trends to Know & Love This Summer

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is all about taking inspiration from nature and bringing it into your home. This sounds a bit vague, but this is because it relies more on your relationship with nature. Rather than some predetermined set of criteria to choose from.

There are lots of different ways for you to bring nature into your home. From directly bringing natural elements like wooden décor pieces and houseplants indoors. Or you can be more abstract and use natural colours and landscape pictures in your home to bring the vibe and feel of nature into your home.

green wall enzo enea biophilic wall design palazzo della luna terrace summer decor trends 2022
Design by Enzo Enea

Statement Stripes

Stripes are a design motif that has been used pretty much since we started decorating our homes. While they’re a trend with lots of history, there’s nothing old or boring about them. How we use stripes has evolved over the years and what was once the bare minimum level of decorating can now be used in fun and exciting ways.

Using stripe motifs as accents in your home is an excellent way to add some depth to a room. They are also great for helping to draw attention to your home’s focal points. Using accessories with striped patterns like rugs, throw cushions, and wall art can create an extra layer of depth in any room. When picking which types of stripes you should try to keep the colours and sizes of the stripes somewhat uniform so you don’t end up creating clashes between your stripes.

summer decor trends 2022 babtiste bohu corridor design with chole sconce by koket and strpped benches
Design by Baptise Bohu featuring the Chloe Sconce by KOKET

Sustainable Fabrics

Thanks to the increased global interest in climate action and sustainable living, simple and sustainable fabrics are having their moment in the spotlight as people shy away from synthetic and artificial materials for their home’s décor. So plastics and blends are out and simple materials like linen, jute, and wool are very much in.

There are lots of opportunities in your home to incorporate more sustainable materials. For example, linen Roman blinds can replace plastic shades, go for wooden accessories rather than plastic, and use natural material table cloths rather than synthetic cloths. 

summer decor trends 2022 amanda frances sustainable fabric roman share luxury bathroom design
West Hollywood Glamour by Amanda Frances

‘70s Throwback

A trend that has been growing in popularity recently is ‘70s throwback and retro décor. While décor in the ‘70s could be described as “garish at best”, the ‘70s nonetheless had lots of good elements. Even though they were crowded out at the time by the less stylish bits like wood-paneled walls and shag carpeting in every room the ‘70s was remembered for.

So this ‘70s throwback trend is about carefully selecting motifs and décor pieces that were popular in the ‘70s. But using them in a more low-key modern way. Think of using shag rugs rather than all shag carpeting, tastefully using wicker and rattan on conversation pieces, or sparingly using macramé to subtly accessories your home. If you like the wood-paneled look go for light wood, a great way to honor the 70s style while keeping the look current.

East Meets West

A blending of cultures is at the core of the East meets West design trend. A look that showcases classic European artistry masterfully mixed with a fusion of oriental-influenced Far East styles ranging from Japan and China to Indian themes. This exotic look will surely continue on long beyond just one of our Summer decor trends for 2022.

KOKET on display June 2022 at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022 featuring the East Meets West trend
KOKET on display in June 2022 at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022 featuring the East Meets West trend

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