A Ring for Every Occasion

how to style rings for every occasion

The secret behind every sleek and polished look is in the fine details. A simple summer outfit can be instantly elevated with the use of accessories. Perhaps the most powerful accessory of them all is the effortless addition of jewelry. It can be challenging to find jewelry that will match every outfit for every occasion, which is why we have taken on the challenge for you. We have curated a list of pointers for how to style the perfect rings to accompany your outfits for every occasion.

How to Style Your Rings for Every Outing

1. Summer BBQ

Nothing screams summer more than a cold slice of watermelon poolside, soaking up the sun with friends. We often don’t think to accessorize for a summer barbecue, but it is that final touch that we need to take our simple sundress or bikini to the next level. The Spinning Enamel Fidget Anxiety Ring is perfect to style for this occasion. The fun summer colors can be styled to match your favorite sundress or swimsuit to really tie the look together. This ring comes in three different color sets so matching can be a breeze! Style this color set with the perfect red bikini for picnics this summer listed in A Red Bikini For Every Occasion.

Spinning Enamel Fidget Ring by Story Jewellery
Spinning Enamel Fidget Ring by Story Jewellery

2. Beach Day

Beach days are essential in the summer, and so are accessories. The beach is a great opportunity to be more spirited with your jewelry. Play around with shapes, colors, and different stones to curate your ideal beach vibe. Remember to style your beach rings for function as well as style. The Boho Stack Ring will be the perfect place to start.

Boho Stack Ring
Boho Stack Ring

3. Formal Event

Accessorizing formal events in the summer is always exciting, but a difficult decision. This summer we have seen a lot of bold colors and prints in our formal wear. The Oath Gypsy Cuff ring with Green Tourmaline from Lindsey Scoggins’ Oath Collection has the perfect striking color component to bring your formal look together. The stone detailing adds an elegant element while the bold stone adds a playful touch.

how to style rings for a formal event - Oath Gypsy Cuff Ring
Oath Gypsy Cuff Ring
empowering scent home spray by koket

4. Black Tie Event

Continuing with the formal events, a black-tie event requires jewelry that is going to complement and elevate your look to black-tie status. Long, sleek, classy dresses in colors like black, green, and red are popular options to style for these events. Gold jewelry is a stunning complementary metal to these colors. This gold diamond band from Lindsey Scoggins’ Note to Self collection is an excellent option to add a pop on your finger to draw the eye.

how to style rings for a black tie event - Note to Self Ring gold and diamond ring
Note to Self Ring

5. Coffee Date

Grabbing an iced latte at your favorite local coffee shop with friends has got to be one of the best summer dates of all time. A pair of your favorite jeans and a white tank top is a trendy and classic coffee shop look. Finding a ring to complement this look has never been easier than with this silver Friendship ring from Story Jewelry in a dainty knot style.

how to style rings for a coffee date Friendship Ring by Story Jewellery
Friendship Ring by Story Jewellery

6. The Office

If you are looking for an everyday ring to style for work each day then look no further. The gold Astrid ring is the model combination of timeless and sophisticated, a truly classic piece. Style this ring with your favorite powerhouse outfit for the office or a simple blouse and trousers, it is truly exemplary for any occasion in the office.

Astrid Ring futura jewelry
Astrid Ring

7. Dinner Date

Whether this is a dinner date with friends or a romantic evening out, a ring that will match the refined restaurant and evening is essential. The Perlée clovers ring is beyond compare in its classic gold design and dainty floral design, making this a staple ring of the summer.

 Perlée Clovers Ring by van cleff & arpels
Perlée Clovers Ring

8. Wedding Guest

Wedding season is upon us and that means we need our jewelry essentials ready to go for every bachelorette trip and wedding we are attending. The Pippo Perez Daisy Flower ring has captured the summer season beautifully. Pair this ring with the timeless Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume to complete the look with captivating femininity.

how to style rings for wedding guests - Pippo Perez Daisy Flower Ring
Pippo Perez Daisy Flower Ring

9. Concert

Summer concerts create some of the best memories. Concerts are filled with the music we love and shared with the people we love. Our accessories for a concert need to match the entertainment and be functional for the dancing that we will be doing all night. The ring with interlocking G from Gucci is the ideal ring to attend a concert in style.

Ring With Interlocking G by GUCCI
Ring With Interlocking G by GUCCI

10. Trip to the Winery

What better way to round out the summer than with a glass of your favorite wine. A trip to the winery is an event on its own between the perfect outfit, the pictures in the vines, and the decadent taste of a chilled sauvignon blanc. The small rose Dior pré Catelan ring is absolutely ravishing. The delicate design and color of the ring complement the occasion beautifully.

how to style rings for a trip to the winery - Small Rose Dior Pré Catelan Ring
Small Rose Dior Pré Catelan Ring

When it comes to how to style rings to coordinate with your outing, remember to consider comfort, style, color, and a touch of messaging for the perfect pick every time!

Words by Delia Bonner

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