How to Make a Design Statement with a Perfectly Positioned Rug

koket living room how to position a rug in living room

The finishing touches in home decor are what make a house a home. These comfort elements are found in the fine details of the decorating process. Details that are too often overlooked and not given the proper recognition: rugs are those details. A rug can completely transform a space by adding texture, color, and depth. Read on to discover tips on how to position a rug in every room in your house!

How to Position a Rug, From Your Living Room to Your Bedroom & Beyond

The Living Room

The living room is probably the room that people spend the most time in. This is also the room that people most likely lead guests to as the area to sit, relax, and talk. The living room is an excellent place to showcase colors, prints, and textures to make a statement! Keeping the print of the furniture, pillows, and throw blankets solid will allow the rug to be the statement piece of the room and support those pieces of furniture with its bold print. The furniture should not completely cover the rug so that there is room to admire the rug. Depending on the depth of the couch, maybe only place the front supporting legs on the carpet! Clear coffee tables are a great addition to the center of the rug in a living room!

The Dining Room

Another place for gathering with guests, and definitely a space that can benefit beautifully from a rug. In the dining room, there are a couple of general rules of thumb when it comes to selecting and positioning your rug. Generally, you will want to base the size and shape of your rug on the size and shape of your table. Round for round, and so on. The rug should be large enough to allow for your dining chairs to be pulled fully out without going off the edge of the rug. This will help with wear and tear as well as annoying chair-stuck-on-rug issues! Usually adding 24-30″ to the table size on all sides is a good rule of thumb.

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In the Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the rooms in the house that is so important to make your own sanctuary. The rug will help to define the space in the bedroom and tie in the comforter and throw pillows that you have carefully selected for your space. In larger rooms, it is better to opt for a larger area rug to fit the space. When it comes to how to position a rug in your bedroom, the most common option is to place it halfway underneath the bed to still showcase the floor of the room at the head of the bed. We want the rug to elevate the room, not control it.

An irregular shaped cowhide rug makes a beautiful statement in this interior by KOKET
An irregular-shaped cowhide rug makes a beautiful statement in this interior by KOKET

Comfort in the Kitchen

The kitchen is another room in the house where people spend a lot of their time. A kitchen is a gathering place for friends and family. Runners are a great way to add rugs to the kitchen area to fit the space while not looking overwhelming. Kitchens tend to have a lot of hardware showcased between the cabinets and appliances so a rug will add a softness to the space. The runner can add more print and texture to the kitchen that cannot be easily added among the appliances. The runner is also fantastic to have in the kitchen to add more comfort beneath your feet when cooking.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

A bathroom is a place often forgotten to style. Don’t be afraid to add rugs to your bathroom! Rugs will add a sense of warmth and comfort against the hard tiled floors of a bathroom and transform the room. Small handmade rugs (especially furry ones!) are a fabulous way to add personality and warmth to a bathroom. A larger bathroom will benefit from a runner-style rug. A runner will help to lengthen and broaden the bathroom by adding more texture and print to the floor.

kelly behun luxury monochromatic bathroom
Bathroom design by Kelly Behun (Photo by Nick Calcott)

Rug Styling Tips

  1. Layer rugs! Layering is a fantastic way to add more personality and mix textures and prints. Layer a slightly smaller rug over a larger one, one rug being more bold and dominant than the other to create a balance. More solid area rugs in bedrooms and living rooms are great places to add a bolder printed rug over top.
  2. Irregular-shaped rugs can be a great option for living spaces to style around furniture, just make sure it is proportionate to the size of the furniture in the room!
  3. As we mentioned in the article, extend your rug under your furniture for a seamless look!

Words by Delia Bonner

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