The Design Questionnaire With Christine Vroom Interiors

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In this edition of Love Happens’ Proust-style Design Questionnaire, meet the creative and inspiring mind of Christine Vroom, founder of Christine Vroom Interiors. Christine has been impressing LA design mavens since she was 16 years old and now runs her full-service interior and exterior design firm in Los Angeles, California. Guided by the philosophy of “beauty meets function”, she has developed a highly sought-after design sensibility.

Cristine creates livable luxury for clients with design styles from mid-century modern to Parisian chic. Her warm personality and emphasis on communication create truly powerful products for her long-lasting clients.

Meet Christine Vroom of Christine Vroom Interiors in the Lh Design Questionnaire

christine vroom top la interior designer luxury living
Christine Vroom (Photo by Siri Berting)

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Feeling free in my mind and my spirit and being connected with life as it is and as it comes.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I started in 2018 as a junior interior designer and continued to develop my designs and continued to develop my designs and continued learning and experimenting until I became distinguished with my designs, which I added a touch of creativity to so that each design had its own story and character.

I think the greatest achievement is investing in your life to become the best version of you.

living room interior by christine vroom interiors
Venice Cottage, designed by Christine Vroom

What profession does your alter ego have?

A humanitarian building homes and educating people in need.

The project you will never forget.

Project Flournoy was unforgettable to me simply because of my experience with my clients. The amount of laughter during that project is going to be a hard one to beat, and they were truly happy every single step of the way.

Project Flournoy by Christine Vroom Interiors
Project Flournoy by Christine Vroom

I also absolutely loved my Pacific Standard Prime project. I absolutely love designing restaurants and the freedom to be able to design this space fulfilled my heart so much. 

Your favorite business tool or resource.

My design assistant; She makes my days and life easier, and I can trust her with my whole being – Plus, her work ethic is flawless. Every designer needs a tape measure, cad, and an amazing staff. 

The most timeless design.

Anything Italian. 

Interior design by Christine Vroom modern dining room design
Interior design by Christine Vroom

The biggest design faux pas.

Relying on Pinterest as your designer. 

Your design motto.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail…” Mic Drop. 

luxury modern kitchen design by christine vroom interiors marble counters black cabinets
Interior design by Christine Vroom

Our publisher KOKET makes statement décor, if you were to design a room around one KOKET piece, which would it be, and why?

Hands down a dining room so I can use the NAHÉMA chair. It’s dripping in luxe and begging for some chic drapery, a classy table, and wall paneling.

nahema dining chair white and gold with brass hands by koket luxury home decor

Love happens when…

you let go of expectations.

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