6 Positive Luxury Certified Sustainable Brands to Note in 2022

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No one knows sustainable luxury better than Positive Luxury! They are the absolute authority on who to know in eco-friendly lifestyle brands. The company’s Butterfly Mark certification is the coveted validation of a luxury brand’s sustainability. Sustainability experts at Positive Luxury review companies using Environmental, Social, Governance, and Innovation assessments. So, of course, we want to pay attention to who they made the winners of the Positive Luxury Awards!

Six award winners were selected by Positive Luxury from a shortlist of 24 exceptionally sustainable luxury brands. Their sustainability council of experts from global organizations evaluated 115 nominations to choose those with the most innovatively sustainable business operations. Read on to find out who Positive Luxury chose as the winners of its 2022 Awards.

6 of the Most Sustainable Luxury Brands in 2022 According to Industry Expert Positive Luxury

Sheep Inc. | Environmental Innovator of the Year

most sustainable luxury brands positive 2022 luxury butterfly mark award sheep inc carbon-negative clothing brand

The original carbon-negative clothing brand, known for its soft sweaters and knitwear, won the title of Environmental Innovator of the Year. Their completely biodegradable products, traceability, and regenerative farming techniques earned them this award. | us.sheepinc.com

Original Beans | Social Innovator of the Year

social innovator of 2022 positive luxury awards winner original beans chocolate

This chocolate company earned the Social Innovator of the Year award because of its commitment to addressing social issues within the chocolate industry. Original Beans makes a conscious effort in its supply chain to positively impact both the earth and the brand’s workers. | originalbeans.com

Belvedere Vodka | Material & Manufacturing Innovation of the Year

most sustainable luxury brands belvedere vodka beverage innovation  Positive Luxury Award Winner

Positive Luxury’s award of Material & Manufacturing Innovation of the Year went to Belvedere Vodka. The brand already has a biomass capture facility producing 100% renewable energy. And its distillery will be carbon neutral by the end of 2022. | belvederevodka.com

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Bamford | Product Innovation of the Year

Bamford | Product Innovation of the Year wool clothing eco-friendly Positive Luxury Award Winners

This innovative clothing company earned the title of Product Innovation of the Year because of its locally sourced merino wool collection, which reduces carbon emissions in Bamford’s supply chain process by 96%. Their continued dedication to sustainability and craftsmanship place them at the top of the list of sustainable luxury brands to know. | bamford.com

Tracemark | Breakthrough Business of the Year

tracemark most sustainable luxury brands 2022 jewelry innovation

The unique traceability company won the award of Breakthrough Business of the Year. Tracemark utilizes innovative technology to aid consumers in knowing exactly how their jewelry was created. From the origin of raw materials to craftsmanship, Tracemark provides jewelry owners with peace of mind regarding the ethics of their beloved pieces. | tracemark.tech

Monica Vinader | Responsible Luxury Business of the Year

monica vinader most sustainable luxury jewelry brands eco-friendly materials

This luxury jewelry brand earned the title of Responsible Luxury Business of the Year. Monica Vinader is known for its sustainable and responsible practices in its material sourcing, recyclable packaging, and carbon neutrality. Additionally, the brand is proving its commitment to sustainability with a biodiversity project and continued efforts to improve business practices. | monicavinader.com

For more of the most fabulous sustainable luxury brands to know in 2022, explore the full shortlist here.

Words by Safiya Farid

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