Achieving Maximalist Luxury in Your Home’s Interior Design

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Looking to redecorate your home with a fabulous maximalist aesthetic? Read on to learn tips on how to achieve your maximalist home.

Flip to your favorite 16th-century or Victorian-era drama, and you’ll spot a reemerging 2022 interior design trend: maximalist interior design. It’s where decors of different designs sprawl, and each piece of furniture seems to demand your attention.

A maximalist home overflows with excitement and emotion. “Maximalism brings joy to the home,” expresses Abigail Ahern, interior designer, and author. But there is a difference between maximalism and a chaotic collection of furniture. It’s more tasteful and harmonious than that.

If you aren’t sure how to make your home a maximalist haven, follow the tips below to help you get started.

1. Invest in luxury statement pieces and furniture

Statement pieces are meant to stand out. The vibrant accent chair or a dazzling chandelier sparks conversations or ties the room together. Typically, it’s believed that statement pieces should be by themselves; no other bold item should seek attention. But maximalism says otherwise.

With a maximalist interior design, it’s as if every piece is a statement piece, from the lavish couch and the patterned wallpaper to the old-style coffee table. Investing in luxurious furniture will help quickly give your home the maximalist touch you’re looking for.

maximalist interior design in a sitting corner created with a butterfly wallcover, pink upholstered chair, and black floor lamp.
A bright-colored sitting nook with butterfly wallpaper and luxurious upholstery by KOKET

2. Explore Bold Accent Wall Colors and Prints

Unlike the disciplined pursuit of having fewer things that comes with minimalism, maximalism gives you more freedom to express yourself. Let what catches your eye be your guide: choose vibrant colors that pop and energetic prints.

The very essence of maximalism is about being more. Make bold choices with your interior design options. Try exploring past your comfort zone to discover what may be a great addition to your maximalist home.

3. Combine unique textures and colors

One of the key elements that prevent maximalism from devolving into mindless madness is color theory. This creates a visual harmony for the different pieces in your home, regardless of what they are or what year they were made.

For example, you can match a pink faux fur vanity stool with a navy blue striped rug for contrasting colors.

Alternatively, you could also achieve a restrained form of maximalism. Combine pieces from the same side of the color spectrum—greens of varying intensities, for example—but entirely different textures and patterns for a little more monochromatic look.

Bold emerald in a variety of tones and patterns bring maximalist vibes to this interior by Fenton Whelan featuring KOKET's Vamp Sofa
Bold emerald in a variety of tones and patterns bring maximalist vibes to this interior by Fenton Whelan, featuring KOKET’s Vamp Sofa

4. Let nature in

One of the most common additions to most maximalist homes is plants. This is also commonly known as biophilic design, where you incorporate greenery into your interior design. Plants can be great contrast pieces, especially if your home has a more modern, urban design. Consider sprucing up your space with potted plants in different corners of your home.

Nature shines in through the windows and pops inside with pink tulips and a butterfly inspired chandelier by KOKET
Nature shines in through the windows and pops inside with pink tulips, and a butterfly-inspired chandelier by KOKET

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5. Leave no space untouched

One of the reasons why maximalist designs feel like there’s so much going on is the lack of empty spaces. As opposed to minimalism, maximalist interior designs tend to fill every nook and cranny, no matter how small the touch of creation might be.

For instance, if there’s extra space in the master bedroom, you may consider a larger bed size with a rough texture for your blanket. If you have extra wall space, cover it up with striped, geometric, or floral wallpapers.

A maximalist living room with black and gold furniture, a flower centerpiece, and a black and gold chandelier.
A memorizing living room, completed with a luxurious black and gold chandelier by KOKET

6. Find references to base your home on

It can be challenging to work with a blank slate. So, if you aren’t sure where to start, you can begin by gathering your favorite interior design photos.

Next, scroll your Pinterest and Instagram and create a mood board for yourself, or visit professional websites for luxury interior design tips. Digital window shop through trusted stores such as Direct Marketplaces to see if any item catches your attention.

Doing this before changing up your home’s design will help make the process much smoother for yourself.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, what’s most important is not that you follow your interests, not some style guide. Remember that it’s your home. While you could collect visually pleasing pieces, you should include things that mean something to you.

Hang a poster of your favorite vintage film next to artwork from your favorite painter. Cover your couch in flowing textures that remind you of your childhood. Maximalism allows you to be your colorful and vibrant self. So, don’t forget to enjoy when redecorating your home.

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