5 Tips for an Amazing Memorable Wedding

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A wedding is an event; the memories of which stay with you lifelong, right from opening your eyes on a special day to having a luxury bath, getting dressed and adorned, practicing your vows, seeing your partner walk down the aisle, dancing together under the starry night, and spending a wonderful time with your loved ones. Everything about this day makes it impossible to forget. Making your wedding day memorable doesn’t stop just at you and your partner. You need to go beyond and think about ways your guests will thoroughly enjoy the day and recollect it when thinking about the most fun moments of their lives. 

There are so many things that can be done. Here we have shortlisted 5 tips that will leave your guests talking about your wedding for years to come.

1. Feature Fun Takeaways and Activities

Most weddings start out great but get dull in no time as the ceremonies start out, giving the guests downtime. Always keep your guests engaged if you want a memorable wedding! It is a good idea to keep the ceremony to a minimum and spend time enjoying it with the guests. 

You can incorporate games or fun activities like a guest book! Guest books not only keep the guests entertained but also can be looked back on to reminisce about the big day. Traditionally, guest books were limited to writing wishes for the bride and groom; today, with digitalization, the guest book can take the form of a video, which can be made using tools and preserved for years. Since the messages have audio and video, they become even more astonishing. You can get customized favors such as wedding popcorn for your guests and make arrangements for photo booths, too! 

2. Choose an Impeccable Venue 

Every individual witnesses quite a large number of weddings in their life. Most weddings are carried out the traditional way and have nothing distinct to them that can be remembered. If you want to make your wedding memorable for the guests and you, you must look for and select an impeccable venue. 

From the décor to lighting, fabrics, flowers, and colors used, guests notice it all. The venue of your wedding is the foundation for making your wedding amazing. It offers the backdrop for all your photographs, which will be looked back on when thinking of the day. The venue is also most talked about when people discuss your wedding. Therefore, select a venue that adheres to your wedding plans and suits them the best. 

If you plan on having a ball theme, go for elegant halls that reflect grandiosity. If you want to have a chilled-out wedding, choose a beach and utilize coastal elements like coconut water stalls, relaxing chairs, and so on. You can choose any place that can accommodate your guest list and let you have your dream wedding. Remember, the location determines the dress code, activities to pursue, and much more. So, think holistically and consider every aspect before you settle on a location. 

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3. Serve a Unique and Delectable Menu 

“Nothing brings people together like good food, the belly rules the mind, Good food is good mood” are only a few quotes that perfectly define the importance of food and give enough reason as to why you must focus on the menu for your wedding to be memorable.  

Food is the thing that people always remember about weddings! Serving your guests with appetizing food must be your priority. Decide upon a menu with your caterer. Make sure the menu goes well with the location. For instance, you can’t be serving hot cappuccino mugs if your wedding is on a beach in the summer. You can always go for drinks like Pina colada, Mojitos, Wine, beer, or get tropical mocktails. Select light and savoring appetizers and fix a cuisine you and your partner like. You can also keep mixed cuisines from which the guests can choose what they prefer! Oh! Do not forget a dessert!

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4. Choose Good Music 

A wedding without dance is just not complete! Once the dinner is done, music is what keeps the show on with the same zest! So, ensure you choose a skilled professional band or DJ and let them know your music preferences. You can recommend songs, but do not select and schedule every song. Let the professionals play their magic and enjoy as you perform your first dance to the bouquet toss until the announcement of the last call. 

5. Plan a Memorable Exit

Your exit must keep everyone asking for more! End your special day on the highest note! Play a pre-decided last song and let everyone show up their glowsticks and sparklers, or throw paper airplanes, flower petals, confetti, and sprinkles on you as you make a grand and graceful exit in your carriage! 

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Spare no effort when you make plans for your wedding day. It is a one-time moment; make it worth it! Lastly, ensure the day becomes a treasurable memory for everyone who showed up!

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