Top Bespoke Luxury Interior Design Services to Love

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Unsatisfied by the ready-made decor found at the store? Looking for a show-stopping piece that doesn’t compare to any other homeowner? When you buy bespoke interior design products, you move away from mass production and pursue your individual taste. Bespoke services enable clients to design the products of their dreams. This custom-design model lets you choose the exact material, size, and style you want, delivering a piece that is uniquely personal right to your front door. 

Bespoke products take quality to the next level by employing highly skilled craftsmen to use special techniques. For this reason, bespoke products last longer than an average fast fashion and are more environmentally sustainable. Never again will you be limited by style, size, or material when you choose bespoke. In the expert hands of bespoke consultants and designers, you can create a home that reflects your needs and desires. Start your bespoke interior design journey with any of the services listed below!

25 Bespoke Luxury Home Interior Design Services


bespoke service sofas by Koket
Unleash your design dreams with KOKET’s custom & bespoke services

Choose your favorite luxury piece by KOKET, and find a way to make it more…you. Taking inspiration from KOKET’s collection, clients can collaborate with company designers to realize a product that suits your preferences and fits perfectly into your home. Whether you’re looking to make a slight variation in design or develop a whole new bespoke luxury piece of furniture, KOKET will be with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction. Offering everything from exquisitely crafted upholstery to beautifully detailed casegoods and lighting, with KOKET, bespoke interior design awaits!

2. Esperiri

bespoke table by Esperiri
Esperiri uses Italian craftsmanship to make custom products.

Made entirely with Italian resources and by the hand of Italian craftsmanship, the Esperiri team creates luxury items that epitomize the phrase ‘Made in Italy.’ Esperiri treats every project as a creative act, breathing life and beauty into each commission. Sustainability is a priority during production, and designs are made to incorporate materials that do not harm the environment but will last over time. If you are looking for Italian craftsmanship, this is the bespoke luxury furniture brand for you.

3. BoConcept

minimalist custom made sofa by BoConcept
BoConcept uses a minimalist Danish design concept for its bespoke services.

BoConcept’s custom furniture service embraces a Danish design concept. The personal style of the client also features heavily in the design process. In addition to original works, BoConcept offers alterations to its existing furniture collection. This flexibility allows clients to change the size, configuration, color, or material of a product and can even apply to an aspect of a piece of furniture, like the armrests of a sofa or the legs of a table. 

4. Kassavello

handcrafted stool by Kassavello
One of Kassavello’s custom-made products

Kassavello provides high-end bespoke luxury furniture service, designing a variety of chairs, sofas, tables, beds, and much more. Versatile in its aesthetic, Kassavello can easily emulate any number of styles. Whether it’s a simplistic modern sideboard or an ornately hand-carved antique bed frame, Kassavello delivers with elegance.

5. eggersman

Custom made Front Side Sofa by eggersman
A bespoke contemporary sofa

Eggersman is a modern German company specializing in custom contemporary chairs, sofas, and tables. Eggersman’s effortlessly chic look is sure to complement any home with its signature minimalist chairs, low-lying sofas, and sleek tables. This contemporary approach to furnishing suits any type of space, whether a small nook or a sprawling studio. 

6. Gosling

Architectural curiosity by Gosling
An architectural curiosity by Gosling

Gosling prides itself on its ability to respond to both the architecture’s details and the client’s requests. This careful consideration yields pieces that combine the classical and the contemporary. A company of renown, Gosling makes anything from upholstery to cocktail cabinets when it comes to bespoke interior design. Some of its most inspired pieces are architectural curiosities, which demonstrate exquisite handiwork and decoration on a miniature level.

7. Royal Trunk & Co

Suitcases by Royal Trunk & C0
Royal Trunk & Co’s bespoke services create tasteful travel gear

For anyone looking to travel in style, Royal Trunk & Co presents a perfect option in its handmade travel trunks. Each trunk is made in Italy by an experienced craftsman and requires 250 hours of work before it meets the brand’s standard of excellence. Royal Trunk & Co’s products put a contemporary spin on the classic wardrobe trunks of the 1920s while maintaining the sophistication of the past.

8. Cecelia Claire Murphy

A product of Cecelia Claire's bespoke hand painted designs
A custom decorated piece by Cecelia Claire

The brilliant Cecelia Claire Murphy is an interior artist who hand paints bespoke designs. Cecelia is incredibly versatile, creating beautiful murals, silk and gold foil wallpaper digitally printed textiles, and glazed tiles–all custom-made! You won’t want to pass up an opportunity to collaborate with someone as talented as Cecelia Claire!

9. Atelier du Renard

Magnolia Chair, made with Atelier du Renard's bespoke service
Bespoke embroidered chair by Atelier du Renard

Atelier du Renard enhances interiors with its stunning bespoke leather hand embroidery. It’s hard to envision how leather–a seemingly dull material–could be decorative, but Atelier du Renard’s works are lively: strips of colored leather are sewn to fashion a brilliant parrot or folded to mimic the fine petals of a flower. Atelier du Renard’s leather embroidery is the sublime final touch, pulling together the complete look of any room or piece of furniture it graces.

10. She She

Custom made wallpaper by She She
She She provides custom-made wallpaper for your home.

Founded in friendship, powerful duo Kate and Jenny are the creative geniuses behind She She. Together, they produce custom printed wallpaper and fabric, covered in visionary illustrations and patterns that range from freeform and floral to striking and geometric. In essence, all of She She’s designs are undeniably unique, whether they’re custom patterns or already part of a collection.

11. Aryma

Bespoke marquetry interior design by Aryma
Interior marquetry design by Aryma’s bespoke services

Aryma is dedicated to the ancient art of marquetry–a kind of surface decoration that relies on the insertion of ornamental materials into a wooden veneer. In a world that has largely forgotten marquetry, Aryma provides bespoke marquetry services of unrivaled quality. An intensely intimate art, Aryma promises that each marquetry commission can reflect any image, motif, color, or material that might have personal significance. When you commission a piece of bespoke luxury furniture from Aryma, you engage with a very special process that will result in a deeply precious finished product.

12. Decorous

Bespoke Centre Table by Decorous
Dining table made with Decorous’ bespoke services

Decorous caters to clients who are looking for originality, quality, and admirable customer service in their bespoke process. In the past, they have created a variety of custom tables, benches, and desks but are always looking to challenge themselves creatively. Beyond their bespoke luxury furniture, Decorous is also involved in designing gardens–the creative team behind Decorous has collaborated with leading landscape designer Andy Sturgeon for many years and have even had their work featured in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show!

Rita cocktail table by Koket

13. Joseph Walsh Studio

Gestures Screen with Enignum Free Form Seat by Joseph Walsh Studio
The Joseph Walsh Studio creates stunning works

Send commissions for statement pieces to the Joseph Walsh Studio, whose monumental artworks instill wonder in its spectators. The studio combines art, craft, design, and technical innovation to inspire ambitious new projects. There is a sense of daring in all of the studio’s works, present in the abstracted forms and diverse materials they use. Any commission designed by the Joseph Walsh Studio will undoubtedly be a statement piece.

14. Lacaze London

custom made metalwork by Lacaze London
Lacaze London’s bespoke services produce gorgeous metalwork

Find high-end bespoke upholstery, cabinetry, and metalwork at Lacaze London! Conscientious of their environmental impact, the company uses raw materials that are locally sourced from Europe and sustainably obtained. Every cushion, cabinet, and metal inlay is exquisitely rendered with handmade precision. Products are highly coveted for their top-tier quality–a virtue that sets them apart from the commonplace market and at the top of their game regarding bespoke luxury furniture.


Quantum Screen by LINLEY
Custom made screen by LINLEY

At LINLEY, clients are involved throughout every step of the bespoke process, from discovery, design, development, and finally, delivery. LINLEY craftsmen products don’t adhere to any one ‘look’ but instead rise to meet the challenge of designing pieces that reflect the client’s personality, environment, and intended use. Clients who collaborate with LINLEY will get to experience the excellent service that has earned them an established reputation and come away with something that will become, as they put it, an “heirloom for the future.” 

16. Rupert Bevan

Custom bar by Rubert Bevan
Custom bar by Rubert Bevan

At Rupert Bevan, every client’s vision is produced from scratch. With their technical skill and aesthetic awareness, Rupert Bevan’s creative team can take inspiration from a briefing and make it a reality. Rupert Bevan’s bespoke luxury furniture, mirrors, and finishes give your home a subtle but stylish feel.

17. Savoir Beds

Savoy bed by Savoir Beds
Catch up on beauty sleep in one of Savoir Beds’ bespoke products

Slumber in luxury with Savoir Beds, whose customizable approach to bedtime lets you rest in comfort and style. Everything from dimensions, materials, and fabrics can be personalized to create an entirely unique bed tailored to fit your needs. With a team that hails from a range of creative disciplines, the designers and craftspeople of Savoir Beds can cater to comfort but not at the cost of artistry. Sweet dreams await with Savoir Beds’ bespoke services!

18. Assouline

Custom picked libraries by Assouline
Curated library by Assouline

Assouline champions a remarkable mission to design curated libraries for the highly cultured. One of its kind, if you are looking for a perfectly designed, custom-built, and curated library, Assouline is by far and beyond the best choice. Known for bringing luxury to the printing industry, which is evident in the extensive detail and attention that characterizes the company’s creative process for each book. When you invest in Assouline’s curated libraries, you tap into the culture at the beating heart of society. And are sure to be left with a beautiful personalized library filled with books that reflect the knowledge and chic lifestyle of the owner.


Paintings by artist Angie Wright
Just two examples of the custom art you can commission at SINGULART
(paintings by Angie Wright)

Looking for some artwork to fill your walls? SINGULART takes commissions! With the ability to choose specific artists, designs, and dimensions, customers can get the exact painting, sculpture, or photography they envisioned at a negotiable price. An interior furnished with custom art makes a truly personal home.

20. St James Interiors

Bespoke furniture by St James Interiors home office
Bespoke furniture by St James Interiors

Master joiners at St James Interiors craft seamless joinery–the fitting of various woodwork components into a cohesive whole–for bespoke services. St James Interiors brings style and individuality to every project, whether home, a hotel, a private jet, or a luxury yacht. At St James Interiors, client collaboration is a crucial part of every commission because it allows the company’s team to eloquently construct the story you want your design to tell.

21. Bocci

Custom made lighting fixture by Bocci
Bocci’s custom-made lighting fixtures will dazzle viewers

Lighting takes on a new level of artistry at Bocci’s, with ceiling canopies of warped wires, and suspended bouquets of glass pendants. Custom creations are available in unlimited configurations and styles, with choices for materials and finish. Bocci’s custom lighting can illuminate any space with its artsy edge and innovation.

22. Pierre Frey

sketches made for bespoke services at Pierre Frey of France
Part of the bespoke process at Pierre Frey of France

Since 1935, Pierre Frey of France has held major prestige in the world of design. While the company bears an impressive legacy of the past, it strives to reconcile modernity and the ancient art of fine craftsmanship in all of its works. Custom furniture from Pierre Frey allows clients to choose the wood type, textiles, upholstery finishes, and comfort features. The mix of modern novelty and classic sensibility in Pierre Frey’s designs is what gives the company its esteemed reputation.

23. Muse Bespoke

Custom made linens by Muse Bespoke
Muse Bespoke’s services produce lavish linens

Luxuriate in sateen sheets and Italian Cashmere bed-coverlets from Muse Bespoke! Carrying on the Haute Couture tradition, Muse Bespoke uses deluxe materials and fine craftsmanship to create the most sensual linens available for the bed, bath, or table. Superb quality, nuanced decoration, and attention to detail distinguish Muse Bespoke’s linens from mass manufactured goods. This brand does kids bespoke too!

24. Ferreira de Sa

In the midst of the bespoke process, Ferriera de Sa
Every carpet from Ferriera de Sa is a treasured item

With a reputation that dates back to 1946, Ferreira de Sa is one of the oldest companies creating hand-made bespoke rugs. There are three main techniques used by Ferriera de Sa’s artisans, Hand-tufting, Portuguese Hand-knotting, and Hand-weaving. Staff are always willing to offer advice on current trends and production methods, but ultimately, the client’s wishes rule the bespoke process.

25. Shakuff

Custom made lighting fixture by Shakuff
Bespoke lighting fixture by Shakuff over a sideboard by KOKET

Based in Brooklyn, Shakuff brings together artists and clients with its bespoke lighting services. Strong believers in collaboration, the studio makes sculptural lighting fixtures with its clients, aligning craftsmanship with vision. At Shakuff, clients receive exceptional service and lighting fixtures of unmatched quality that will brighten their homes.

By Natalie Junio-Thompson

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