4 Luxury Living Room Ideas to Elevate Your Space

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Homeowners crave a well-designed home. Everyone would love to have a luxurious living space, as they may have seen from photos all over magazines and the Internet. There’s a reason why photo apps like Pinterest have become so popular: there’s that demand for inspiration in luxury living rooms (and other home areas, for that matter) so that one day, the homeowner scrolling can make those dreams into their very own, too.

Perhaps you’ve made it here today as, you know your living room can use a little facelift as well. It may be looking dry and nothing short of inspiring. Or, you’re still stuck with a few design concepts and knick-knacks here and there that are making your space look cheap. Living in a luxurious living space doesn’t have to mean owning the grandest home on the block. You can be in a small apartment, but when every design aspect is well thought of even a small space can be every bit of what a luxurious living space is.

This helpful site gives out design trends and ideas so you can elevate your living room and turn it into one that’s more luxe.

4 Design Ideas to Elevate Your Luxury Living Room

1. Add Wall Moldings Or Trims

Wall molding, trims, or crowns. These are only three of the small architectural details you can add to your walls to transform them from plain to elegant. 

Just imagine those classic, elegant homes or hotels you may have walked into. Is it not the layer of details in the wall one of the most defining features? It’s not just plain square. That’s because elegance and luxury are all about going the extra mile to design.

If you’re willing to get your hands dirty and you’re a DIY pro, this can be quite an inexpensive project you can do on your own. Lots of hardware stores carry a wide selection of crowns and molds you can choose from. If not, let an expert builder do it for you.

2. Add Some Texture

Your walls may be a plain color, but with texture, you can add a warmer and more inviting environment. Adding texture means putting so much thought into your fabric choice. Don’t just choose plain textiles. Opt for those with a hint of touch with it, like embroidery, suedes, and even velvets.

You can play with texture through your draperies, curtains, carpets, and pillowcases. A plain sofa will instantly look and feel plusher with nice throw pillows, and a quilt or blanket tossed on the side.

Rica Grey Embroidered Pillow by Cloud9 @ My Object of Desire

3. Use Accent Chairs

As its name implies, accent chairs should create a wow factor or a focal point in your living space. It’s meant to stand out design-wise while maintaining its cohesiveness with the rest of the living space.

You can have either just one or two accent chairs, depending on the size of your living room. With a single accent chair, the best place for it is a bare corner of your living room. For two accent chairs, you can have a bare wall as its background. In between both accent chairs, place a side table.

With that kind of concept, you’re putting more depth and dimension into your living space. It makes it look more thought-of, which is a characteristic of an elegant and luxurious space.

4. Invest In A Good Couch 

How does your couch look at the moment? An old and worn-out couch only hurts your living space’s interior. If the budget permits, you may want to head out and shop for a better-quality couch. The key is to balance out functionality and style.

Luxury is all about good quality and a long-lasting couch. When you walk through a furniture shop, you can instantly tell which ones are better and which aren’t, even without looking at the price.

This notion also applies when you have guests walking into your home. It’s easy to spot a cheap couch by only judging through its looks. Be particular about small details like the fabric used, the leg design, and even the quality of the stitching.

lisboa sectional sofa by koket
Lisboa Sofa by KOKET

Get Ready To Elevate Your Living Space Now

When you’re a young, twenty-something first-time professional and homeowner, it’s understandable that you’ll be pinching pennies. It’s not surprising how you may first be drawn into cheap décor in the home section. For as long as it looks great to you, then that’s fine. As time goes by, however, you’ll outgrow that phase, bringing you to the desire to level up your home, one room at a time. This starts today, beginning with your living room. On your own and with an architect or designer, a more luxury living room should now be within your reach with the ideas above. 

Feature Image: Interior by KOKET

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