Try These Shoulder Length Haircuts Today

shoulder length haircut

Thick hair can be great, but if you don’t manage it properly, you will end up with an unnatural and lifeless style. Long hair comes to life with different shoulder-length haircuts, so if you want to maintain the thickness of your locks, ask the stylist for short layers and side-swept bangs.

Switching up your one-length haircut with a graded cut is important to facilitate the natural growth pattern of your hair, as well as reveal different hair textures. Let’s look at some shoulder-length haircuts.

11 Shoulder Length Haircuts to Love

1. Mid Hairstyle Paired With Layered Ends

Shoulder-length haircuts are a hot trend right now and work well with thick hair. Our faves? The ends have been slightly layered and curled, and copper highlights over dark brown hair look especially good. It’s a cut that’s best when parted straight down the middle of your head.

2. Long Bob Paired With Chopped Layers

If you have thick hair, a straight-across bob is ideal since it shows off all the thickness of your hair. But if you don’t get any layers, you might end up with a blocky look. Choppy layers shape you ‘do into something slightly shaggy and feminine when styled. This universally flattering cut looks good on most face shapes and a huge range of hair types.

3. Dark Brown Lob With Layers

Layered lobs are a perfect haircut for those with thick hair, flattering all face shapes. They produce enough layers so that you can leave your locks one-toned without looking flat or lifeless. Finish with a boldly messy.

shoulder length haircuts
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4. Long Bob With Face-Framing Layers

Shoulder-length haircuts are a good option for thick hair and are universally flattering. The Lob haircut is a simple style that is great for ladies with thicker hair. It can provide an elegant yet laid-back style that looks both stylish and put together.

5. Mid Shag For Women With Thick Hair

Shag cuts are popping up everywhere, and it’s not hard to see why. This type of layered haircut will instantly add sexy movement to your locks, no matter what your hair texture is. A shag cut also looks great with any length – if you’ve got thick hair, don’t worry about limiting yourself!

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6. Texture Hairstyle For Thick Manes

Going for a medium-length hairstyle with thicker hair is a good option if you’re looking for something less conservative. Brightening your locks with highlights will make them more interesting and give the strands some added dimension. Talk to your stylist about the best shades for you to suit your skin tone and style.

7. Flipped Tips On Medium-Length Hair

Layered shoulder-length haircuts offer many styling options—you can keep your hair straight or flip the ends out. Softens the shape and adds some movement for those who prefer to wear their hair sleek. Use your round brush to gently dry your hair in sections for a smooth look.

shoulder length haircuts
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8. Cut Mix For Thick Hair

If your hair is thick and full, you might want to consider going for some shorter layers. This can help counter too much fullness and you can add in some highlights a few shades lighter than your natural color for an overall lightening effect.

9. Brunette Shang

Curl up with a cup of coffee and wear this laid-back look on days when you want to look effortlessly pretty. Side bangs soften the cut of your shag, so make sure they fall in a flattering way.

10. Mid-Length Shaggy Haircut

If you are looking for a haircut that can help thin out your thick hair, then you should consider this shaggy haircut. This style has modern layers and a length that still allows you to do fun things like wear your hair in a ponytail. If your stylist takes on a chic new style, know that it might be tempting to request that style too often, and you risk wearing out an ensemble.

11. Mid Brown Angled Hairstyle

This season, try out a long bob cut. Instead of short, severe styles, let your hair go free with something that accentuates the natural waves. The best shades for this are medium brown, but you can experiment and find what suits you personally.

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