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Imagine you’re getting ready for a night out…but nothing in your closet is calling to you. We’ve all been there. But, with wardrobe stylist Melody Mashilompane, founder of Style Concierge by Melody, your wardrobe woes will disappear! Tailored to meet your personal fashion needs, Style Concierge by Melody offers various services that will unleash your inner style to the outer world. Whether it’s revamping your look, sorting through your closet, finding an outfit for an occasion, or transitioning seasonal attire into your collection, clients receive guidance that will leave them feeling and looking glamorous.

When you work with stylist Melody Mashilompane, you leave all your wardrobe wants and needs in expert hands. After recently discovering Style Concierge by Melody at Love Happens, we were delighted to catch up with the company’s brilliant founder, a fashion icon in her own right. Read on to meet Melody and learn about her fabulous services!

Meet Melody Mashilompane, Personal Wardrobe Stylist & Entrepreneur

Melody Mashilompane, founder of Style Concierge by Melody - personal wardrobe stylist

At Love Happens, we are firm believers that you cannot achieve any level of success without love. When did your love affair with fashion begin? And how did it make you feel?

Melody Mashilompane: Funny enough, I actually feel as though I fell into fashion by accident. My mum always used to love buying and dressing my siblings and I in nice things. In South Africa, where I was born, my mum also had her own tailoring and hair business. As I got to my teenage years, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do. I thought I would be a psychologist or a lawyer, but quickly realised I was more a practical and hands-on person than a theory person, especially since I was surrounded by parents who came from creative backgrounds. Gradually, I realised that I could put styles together for myself and other people with ease. My friends would always ask me about different clothing options because they knew I would give them my honest opinion. 

My love for fashion grew more when I really put my mind to doing it, and studying it. I went to UCA Epsom and studied Fashion Promotion and Imaging, and then interned at Matchesfashion, Drapers, and GQ to just name a few. My first luxury job was at Tod’s, followed by Gucci after I graduated. Those times were exciting and exhilarating, and I started feeling even more passionate about the industry. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy career, but I knew I would try to conquer it one way or another. 

Lh: Tell us about what led up to your decision to become a wardrobe stylist and start Style Concierge by Melody.

Melody: As I mentioned, my mum had her own business in South Africa and has always seemed to know what she wants and expects out of life. Growing up you don’t realise how much of your parents characteristics you take after. I guess you can say my mum’s determination to work for herself gave me a bit of inspiration. Another reason I decided to start my company was that I truly enjoy customer service and meeting people of all walks of life. You learn to know people quite quickly within this lucrative environment. 

I always wanted to work for myself, be my own boss, and actually do something I’m really passionate about and enjoy. After graduating, I faced a lot of rejection which was disheartening but also gave me the push that I needed to start something of my own. The summer of 2019, I said I’m going to do this, all while working full-time at Gucci, because I didn’t have much to lose. My company’s USP has always been four services in one place because it gives the customer the opportunity to stay loyal to one brand or company. That is exactly what I want and strive to do.

Lh: What are Style Concierge by Melody’s four staple services?

Melody: First up are our Wardrobe Management services. Taking time to reorganise and manage your wardrobe can be time-consuming and difficult even to start. Whether you need help packing for a holiday or unpacking, colour coordinating your wardrobe, or creating matching ensembles; this service will be able to keep your wardrobe in that neat state you so dream of. You can easily grab that item you desperately need, making your life a lot more tranquil.

In addition, we offer Personal Styling services designed to help you create a whole new look or elevate your established style to a new level. We also offer Personal Shopper services which can consist of anything from finding just the right look for a special occasion to creating a whole new wardrobe. Lastly, but certainly not least!, we offer Wardrobe Detox services designed to help you get rid of items you no longer want/need and distinguish between restyling/styling timeless pieces you have.

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Lh: What are your personal wardrobe essentials?

Melody: Even though flats are a mandatory wardrobe essential, I have more heels in my wardrobe. I think my love for heels started when I got my first pair at age 15 and never looked back. It’s almost an addiction that I am happy to admit to! My colour palette is another essential of mine–I love all colours, but am always strategic in what I purchase. I want to feel like the only person owning that dress, or shirt, or whatever item I purchased, so I tend not to go for what others would typically buy.

I would say my style is pretty classic, clean, and minimalistic. It can be eccentric at times, depending on what I’m putting together. Do I seek inspiration every now and again? Absolutely. And I recommend that my readers and my clients do the same–we all seek inspiration from others in one way or another! 

Lh: Do you have any style mottos you live by?

Melody: Less is more—always remove the last thing you put on because you probably don’t need it to complete your look. When you wear a loud colour, style everything else around that particular colour. Simple is more effective, don’t over complicate your outfit. Sometimes, when you look at your wardrobe, you get a moment of blankness where no inspiration arrives. In that moment, I advise you to turn to a ‘go-to’ outfit formula. Lastly, second opinions are always effective because sometimes, what you initially thought about a look can be validated by someone else’s perspective.

Lh: What’s next for Melody?

Melody: To continue building, scaling up into other countries, and continuing to work towards attaining more elite clients! I love every aspect of what I do, and truly appreciate all my loyal clients. I’m also currently working on another business venture, which will hopefully be revealed in the next 2-3 years…it’s a long working progress, and I wish it could be announced sooner, but diamonds are not created under low pressure!

Can’t get enough of Melody Mashilompane? Read her 5 Expert Wardrobe Stylist Tips, or visit her website!

This interview has been edited for clarity & length
Words by Natalie Junio-Thompson

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