A Chocolate Lovers Guide to Luxury Handmade Chocolates

Cacao & Cardamom artisan bar set

Chocolate: the food embodiment of love. The bitter cacao bean’s origin contrasts with the sweetness of its fruit, a delicious chunk of rich chocolate goodness. Chocolate has always been so much more than just a square or dollop. It’s an awakening and attunement to your inner senses and utmost desires. A favorite gift to say I love you. And in its finest form, one of life’s luxuries we love to indulge in! Is your mouth watering yet? Love Happens immersed itself in the world of the most famous luxury chocolatiers and discovered the finest handmade chocolates. Whether you are looking for the perfect luxury chocolate gift for someone else or yourself, read on to discover our list of the best luxury chocolate brands in the world!

Design in Mind

CACAO AND CARDAMOM chocolate box luxury handmade chocolates gift


Cross visiting Wonderland off your bucket list. At Cacao and Cardamon, let their irresistible marble-like patterns, fresh shapes, and unique flavors satisfy your afternoon tea cravings. Each chocolate looks like something out of a dream. Better get some before you become a Mad Hatter! This luxury chocolate box is the perfect gift for all those chocolate lovers in your life.

Christopher elbow luxury handmade chocolates


Willy Wonka’s creations come to life at Christopher Elbow. These scrumptious hand-crafted chocolates tie together brightly colored creations with delicious tastes like Fleur de Sel Caramel. Every chunk of chocolate is a trip to the chocolate factory. A box of these delightful bonbons comes in a simple brown and white box, but the real artwork is the treats inside. Don’t miss out on these little works of art!

choquette luxury chocolate


Customizable chocolate is one of the underdogs of this modern age. With Choquette, you can customize images and texts onto their delicious caramel crunch chocolates. The perfect outer hard coating delightfully contrasts with the smooth, silky caramel insides. Not interested in customizing? Fret not; they have a wide selection of prepaid occasion-based selections as well! 

COMPARTES art deco chocolates most famous chocolatiers


Compartes does not come to play with their playful prints. Their wide selection of chocolate boxes and bars simply cannot compare. Each chocolate is designed with art in mind. Pops of bright colors and patterns are the backbone of this company, making it a must on our list of luxury chocolate brands to love. We just know you’ll have to purchase more than one chocolate. Don’t worry; our mouths are watering too.

kky by koket home decor

Simply Stunning

DANDELION CHOCOLATE travel chocolates


Is there an intersection of simple and bold? Some might say it’s unobtainable. Dandelion Chocolate dares to disagree. Here, small-batch, bold-tasted luxury handmade chocolates meet simple design. With a range of uniquely flavored chocolates from all over the world, you’ll be sure to satisfy your travel bug. 

FLAMINGO ESTATE chocolate bars luxury handmade chocolates


Flamingo Estate goes back to the roots of chocolate. Quality tasting chocolate is valued over artful eye-catching designs. Don’t let that distract you. Each naked bar has a unique texture of its own–a true embodiment of the spices and flavors held inside the brown and black richness. Lh Mag’s must-try flavor? Cherry coffee chip dark chocolate.

MIRZAM spiced chocolates list of luxury chocolate brands gifts


Go back to your roots. Mirzam produces the finest array of niche-tasting chocolates in the world. Batches of delicious rose, hazelnut, cardamom & cinnamon–just to name a few–are made using the same array of spices found on the hundreds-year-old Spice Route. Packaged in beautiful containers, Mirzam makes a luxury chocolate gift any chocolate lover in your life will love.

vosages chocolates


Have you ever fallen in love? We dare you to fall in love again. Beware: Vosges is a heartthrob. Each luxury chocolate’s exterior is equal to that of its interior–stunning in and out–just like you! Treat yourself to a box of these simply stunning chocolates by one of the world’s most famous chocolatiers.

Outside the Box

BENJAMIN CHOCOLATIER picnic basket most famous chocolatiers


Seven-time award-winning Benjamin Chocolatier, and certainly one of the most famous chocolatiers, never fails to impress. With a wide range of products, Benjamin has something for every occasion. Our “perfect for a picnic” favorite is their Ultimate Chocolate Gift Hamper–a spectacular addition to a wonderful shady day! We also encourage you to try their chocolate subscription program–you’ll never go hungry. 

HOUSE OF KNIPSCHILDT luxury chocolate gifts


There’s a saying: diamonds are a girl’s best friend. While that saying is true, chocolates are a close second. Let House of Knipschildt make chocolate your number one best friend! Aside from their natural shaped truffles, their “favor box” lets you build your own selection of unique, luxury handmade chocolates. And yes, you can make your own with a chocolate customization feature. This is great for gift giving or special events! 

MAITRE CHOUX gold cake


While Maitre Choux is known for its artisan handmade chocolates, its line of pastries takes the cake. Speaking of cake, their Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate And Vanilla Cake is a goldmine–almost literally. The praline mousse insides are topped with hazelnut and chocolate glaze, brushed in gold dust (of course)! If you’re looking for something on the simpler side, the chocolate-covered almonds are alluring.

Impact Sweets

CHOCOCO list of best luxury handmade chocolates


Chococo: where chocolate meets impact. One of the most famous do-good chocolatiers, Chococo, features a line of chocolates that support causes such as Project Seagrass, Ocean Giants Programme, and Sumatran Orangutan Society. Each of these lines, created with a love for chocolate and the environment in mind, is truly going to warm both your heart and your tastebuds. Chococo is also a favorite on our list of luxury chocolate brands to love as they clearly list allergens, making it easier for those with intolerances and allergies to shop safely.

l.a. burdick luxury handmade chocolates


It’s out with “lions, tigers, and bears” and in with “elephants, mice, and penguins.” L. A. Burdick’s luxury chocolate line of handcrafted animal designs is almost too cute to eat. The mice boxes come in quantities ranging from one to 16 but don’t worry; we won’t judge if you eat them all. The elephant collection supports the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust– an orphaned elephant rescue program based in Kenya. Best to get the three-pack–you’re helping another elephant! 

original beans


It’s often said that the way to a woman’s heart is through chocolate. But the way to the world’s heart is a purchase from Original Beans. The winner of Positive Luxury’s 2022 Social Innovator of the Year produces a yearly “foodprint” that documents the company’s progress in establishing positive environmental and social change. These delicious bars include touches of floral honey, apricot, and jasmine tea to nuts and cappuccino. With a purchase of one chocolate bar, Original Beans plants a tree–you can follow your tree’s journey on their website!

We hope you enjoy our list of luxury handmade chocolates! Whether you are looking to give the gift of luxury chocolate to yourself or those you love, these deliciously beautiful treats created by some of the world’s most famous chocolatiers will surely bring smiles!

Words by Patricia McGee
Feature Image: Cacao & Cardamom SIGNATURE ARTISAN BAR GIFT SET

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