Be Inspired by the Best Fashion Accounts on Instagram

Chiara Ferragni is seen outside Schiaparelli during Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 on January 24, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

One of the best things about the Instagram platform is that with it, you can tell a story through pictures. You can learn so much from other individuals with successful accounts. Following the best fashion IG accounts and the most popular fashion influencers on Instagram is a great way to inspire a new wardrobe or adventure! Humans respond well to visual storytelling; the brain reacts differently to beautiful images than it does to the written word, and you can create a memorable idea through photos much better than with text.

If you’re getting started on IG, you probably want to attract as many new eyes to your feed as possible. The best thing to do first is to follow some of the most popular fashion accounts for inspiration. You can start with creating compelling content, but you might also look into purchasing some followers to inflate your numbers as you’re getting started. Many companies and influencers do this, and it’s a recognized method of marketing yourself and your account. For instance, you can buy Instagram followers for $1, and it’s an easy process that won’t take long.

Fashion accounts get lots of followers, and it stands to reason if you think about it. Fashion blogs:

  • Attracts admirers from all walks of life
  • Is a career that pays well and allows you to exercise your creativity
  • Lets you travel the world observing different styles without ever leaving your home

The most popular Instagram fashion influencers vary in how they market themselves. Some use Instagram Reels, while others utilize live streaming. Check out some of the top IG fashion accounts so you’ll know


Cole Spouse is an everyman-type individual who travels the world taking pictures of exciting things. He does not just take snapshots of style. Interspersed are people captured at intimate moments. He’s a skilled photographer who knows how to use Instagram to run a successful business model. Cole is among the most popular fashion influencers on Instagram for numerous reasons. However, his acting career has certainly helped with his popularity.


Camila’s aesthetic focuses on motherhood and beauty and the surrounding spaces in which she seems to feel most at home. The vivid colors she favors draw the eye wonderfully while also capturing the mystery in the simplest and most commonplace objects. The fact that she happens to love exotic backdrops doesn’t hurt her account’s overall aesthetic, either.

3. CHIARA FERRAGNI @CHIARAFERRAGNI (20.2 MILLION) - Most Popular Fashion Accounts

Chiara Ferragni has cornered the market on both style shots and made it work as a mom. Neither is an easy feat, but she does it with style and aplomb. Her photos show an understated elegance but also a touchingly human vulnerability. She’s a reminder that women really can have it all. And one of our absolute favorites when it comes to the best fashion IG accounts!


You might know Lauren Conrad best as an actress, so it seems almost unfair that she’s such a skilled photographer as well. She found fame on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, but since then, she’s made appearances on Family Guy and other popular shows. Her IG account remains wildly popular because of her creative camerawork and love of life.  

Euphoria Screen by KOKET

5. AIMEE SONG @AIMEESONG (5.5 MILLION) - Most Popular Fashion Accounts

Aimee Song seems most at home in the gorgeous countryside, posing with delectable food dishes and surrounded by the people she loves. Recently, she’s added motherhood to her many accomplishments. Since her newborn appears just as photogenic as her, it is more likely that this family’s social media legacy will continue for many years. 


Negin Mirsalehi is one of Instagram’s most enigmatic personalities. Born to Iranian parents in the Netherlands, she seems to be the consummate world traveler, and she takes camera shots to document her trips wherever she goes. Her unique style is exactly why her account is one of the most popular fashion accounts. Though you could consider her timeline a traditional fashion retrospective, she also features photos that cover the worlds of style, beauty, and even practical lifestyle tips.

7. JULIE SARIÑANA @SINCERELYJULES (5.6 MILLION) - Most Popular Fashion Accounts

Julie calls herself a “California girl dreaming big,” Those dreams have attracted more than 5 million followers to her Insta to date. Her shots focus on traditional tourist destinations, but she seems to have the most fun of anyone there. Often, she models bold fashion choices while posing amongst the world’s most recognizable backdrops.

Ruché Table Lamp by KOKET


Olivia Palermo is married to German model Johannes Huebl, and the jet-setting pair are just as much at home walking the runway in Paris as they are relaxing at home at their breathtaking estate. It must be nice to be Olivia. Aside from the gorgeous hubby, she also has a net worth of more than 10 million dollars. Her Insta account often shows her touring European cities and taking in the sights. 


The inimitable Alexa Chung is a supermodel whose smoldering good looks contrast her down-to-earth persona. Her Instagram account features photos of exotic locales. She’s statuesque and aloof in some pictures but contemplative in others. This fashion icon always has plenty on her mind which makes it obvious as to why she has one of the most popular fashion accounts.


Karen Wazen Bakhazi has more than three million IG followers, and they seem to love the photos she takes of her kids and pets just as much as they do the ones in which she appears. She seems to like taking pictures of lit-up cityscapes and nightlife. Her Roberto Cavalli photoshoot won her some rave reviews recently, but it’s obvious she enjoys being a mom as much as she does strutting her stuff at fashion shows. 

If you want more inspiration, you can also check out these ultra-popular blogs, you’ll see that all of them feature style prominently. However, fashion is not shared in just one form. Instead, it is showcased through and alongside all elements of life, everything from children and pets to nightlife, homelife, food, and drinks. A perfect recipe for true fashion inspiration.

Feature Image: Chiara Ferragni is seen outside Schiaparelli during Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 on January 24, 2022, in Paris, France. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

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