The Perfect Guide to Styles for Curvy Figures

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Style gurus live by the mantra of “wear whatever you want to.” And this is true whether your figure is curvy, slim, or somewhere in between.

One should wear whatever they like and wish to wear. Your clothes should make you feel confident! There mustn’t be any restrictions when it comes to dressing up. However, if you feel like you have recently put on some weight or just lost the motivation to style yourself, we are here to help.

We are not here to tell plus-size women about what to wear and what not to wear. We are here to pull you out of a style rut. No matter your body size, you must always dress like the queen you are! And with a large variety of trendy plus-size shirts, dresses, and whatnot, there is plenty of room to amp up your closet.

We recommend you always feel good about what you wear. Here are some style tips for women with fabulously curvy figures to help you feel your best!

1. Embrace your Body

Society has set beauty boundaries for women that we have religiously lived by. We all have been there-trying ruthlessly to lose weight and fit into society’s beauty standards.

Why do we go into a style rut? Why do we feel the lack of motivation to dress up as soon as we gain some pounds? It’s because we fail to embrace our bodies and accept that every human body is different and is okay. 

Thus, the first key is to accept your body. Accept how you look and feel good about it. This act alone will boost confidence and personal style. Repeat affirmations that help you enhance your mood, like, “My body is perfect the way it is, and I love it.” Keep reminding yourself of it until you believe it. 

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2. Invest in Good Under Garments

With the proper undergarments and shapewear, plus-size women can rock their outfits. This fact is a universal rule, and almost all the styling gurus will tell you to invest in two essential things:

  • Shapewear that will support your body and make you feel comfortable. 
  • The right fitted bra is supportive and enhances your body. 

If you have to invest in undergarments, do so. Do not compromise quality. Moreover, you must have nude-colored bras for light-colored fabrics. 

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3. Do Your Research

You might think you are the only plus-size girl to exist; you are wrong. You will find notable influencers flaunting their beautiful plus-size figure with utmost confidence. Following these influencers and bloggers is the best way to amp up your style game. They will help you massively experiment with different outfits and try new things too. 

4. Understand Fabrics

“Another great way to buy the right outfits for yourself is to understand the fabrics,” says fashion expert Colombiana Boutique. A polyester top might not be too comfortable as a cotton-elastane mix tank top. Understanding the suitable materials that are more comfortable and flattering for your body helps amazingly when seeking out the best styles for curvy figures. 

Goddess Mirror by KOKET

5. Accessorize Smartly

The right accessories can upgrade your style game and make any outfit pop. A basic tee shirt with the right earrings can be just as cute as something dressy. All it takes is to understand what works best with your outfit. This tip is where, yet again, influencers and style bloggers can help you. Look at how they style accessories with their outfits to go from simple to elevated. 

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6. Wrap Dresses are Stunning

For days when you feel unsure of what to wear, add a wrap dress to your wardrobe! This dress is perfect for all shapes and sizes, not to mention just stunning for any event. You can wear it to brunch, a casual meeting, or even the office. 

7. Buy Basics

You must have some basics to mix and match different elements to create an outfit. Some minimal-colored tank tops and basic tee shirts are a must-have for every closet. Just make sure you buy a fabric that doesn’t cling to your body so that it feels airy and comfortable. 

Wrapping Up Styles for Fabulously Curvy Figures

Whatever your style may be like, remember to make your own rules. Go out of your comfort zone. Fashion is all about confidence. Once you are confident about your body and embrace your curves, there is nothing that you wouldn’t look amazing in. 

With these simple styling tips, you can quickly boost your wardrobe and make your confidence unstoppable. Enter the room with your confidence, girl, and you will win the hearts of many.

Feature Image: Photo by Charlota Blunarova

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