5 Trendy Accessories You’ll Need For 2023

trendy accessories 2023 versace oversized earrings

As the last quarter of the year approaches, trend spotters and fashion forecasters have already begun making predictions for the incoming year. Most of these come from emerging design ideas, as well as lifestyle and culture changes reflected on runways and accessories brand concepts shown throughout the year. 

These trends give retailers, consumers, and collectors what to expect and plan. Thus, if you aim to be ahead of the curve and at the forefront of what’s most likely to blossom in a few months, be prepared for what’s coming up. 

Here are five trendy accessories you’ll need for 2023: 

1. Metal Bags

Metallics continue to stay on the trend radar from 2022 leading to 2023, with this shiny material evolving into bags made of metal. This innovative design trend was first noticed on the runways and has started gaining traction from ordinary fashion consumers. Trendsetters who prefer sturdier and tougher handheld bags that could last longer can vie for this kind of bag. 

Chanel Metiers d'art 2019-2020 runway show at Le Grand Palais on December 04, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images)
Chanel Metiers d’art 2019-2020 runway show at Le Grand Palais on December 04, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images)

This trend includes metal cage crossbody bags, unisex metal wallets for men & women, and vintage brass clutches with metal chain straps. The square, column, and boxy shapes of these metal bags have the potential to start their trend too. Additionally, one of the best things about this trendy accessory is how season-friendly it is. Metal bags and accessories can be worn in warm summer or with cool and demure winter outfits.  

2. Loafers

If there’s one accessory you may want to invest in for 2023, perhaps it could be a pair of leather loafers. Since crossing over into women’s fashion, loafers have become a closet staple thanks to their ability to accessorize any outfit. Depending on how often they are worn and if taken care of properly, high-quality leather loafers last a long time. Furthermore, you’ll likely never find a more varied shoe style than loafers. 

You can choose from conventional black or brown flat-footed loafers with small heels that resemble old-fashioned schoolboy shoes. Alternatively, there are other updated versions, like those with rugged platform midsoles. You can look out for them during transitional seasons and weather, where many fashion lovers will be sporting them to match other accessories such as wallets and satchels.

vengeance table lamp brass hand and white marble luxury lighting koket

3. Chokers 

Y2K-inspired fashion and accessories are still going strong into next year and show no signs of slowing down. Luckily, this means you won’t have to stock up on many new items if you’re an avid accessories enthusiast. One thing you can add to your collection is the modern-day choker. These are more grown-up and glam than the edgy chain, studded, black or colorful bands you might’ve worn in your youth. 

Kim Kardashian seen in a statement choker on May 22, 2022, in Portofino, Italy. (Photo by NINO/GC Images)
Kim Kardashian seen in a statement choker on May 22, 2022, in Portofino, Italy. (Photo by NINO/GC Images)

While they still sit high on your neck, many of these are embellished with rhinestones, diamante, and decorative gemstones and may come in various styles and shapes. For instance, expect tiger claws circling from the back to front to semi-circular and ‘incomplete’ rings. For minimalist fashionistas, you can look forward to thin strapped monotone chokers in silver or rose gold with a single pendant attached in the middle.

4. Oversized Earrings 

Earrings have gone through some of the biggest accessory transformations in the jewelry industry, and 2023 will continue the drama. This time, however, they’re going oversized as long and hanging or wide and rounded chandeliers and studs. They most likely will be worn as a standalone statement piece, so no other accessories need to be worn with them. They can also be worn casually with dressed-up denim, a button shirt, or even paired with formal attire.  

accessory trends 2023 oversized earrings Schiaparelli during the Women's Haute Couture Fall - Winter 2023 runway show at the Fashion Week in Paris on July 4, 2022. (Photo by JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP)
Schiaparelli during the Women’s Haute Couture Fall – Winter 2023 runway show at the Fashion Week in Paris on July 4, 2022. (Photo by JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP)

Furthermore, an extension of this oversized earring trend is the single earring and over-the-ear cuffs. Think about jeweled stones and pearls lining the exterior of your ear and chain-linked beads, metal shards, and hoops hanging down to your shoulder. You can expect them to hit stores in traditional silver, gold, and pearl-toned colors.  

5. Shapely Sunglasses 

While the renewed interest in sunglass shapes was partly inspired by 90s and Y2K fashion, in 2023, this trend will develop into its fun, wearable, and experimental phase. The geometric and rectangular sunglasses are here to stay, while you might see more sporty and thick-rimmed sunnies. Multicolored and semi-framed vizors could also make their way into the fashion-conscious while being functional. 

trendy accessories 2023
Schiaparelli runway at the Women’s Spring-Summer 2020/2021 Haute Couture collection fashion show in Paris, on January 20, 2020. (Photo by Anne-Christine POUJOULAT / AFP)

For those who enjoy youthful whimsical summer trends, the star-shaped and raincloud sunglasses will make an impression. You can also expect bright LED techno sunglasses to hit the market as futurist fashion emerges. If you don’t want to spend too much time searching for the right pair, you can choose ones that contrast your face shape. Doing this can emphasize your unique beauty and make your sunglasses your statement eyewear at any pool party or night out.

Wrapping Up Trendy 2023 Accessories

Some trendy accessories you’ll need for 2023 are statement pieces such as big earrings, metal bags, striking and bold sunglasses, glamorous chokers, and comfortable loafers. These trends mirror ongoing consumer tastes for being expressive with fashion while also catering to function.  

You can mix them with your style or wear them separately to make them stand out. In any case, the upcoming year is bound to be an innovative time for showing off jewelry and collecting what could become classic accessories in the future.

Feature Image: Earring detail at the Versace show during Milan Men’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018/19 on January 13, 2018 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Estrop / Getty Images)

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