Embracing the “Red Leather Jacket Over Everything” Trend This Fall

red leather jacket trends fall 2022

Scrolling social media these days gives you a generous dose of fashion inspiration, letting you know about savvy pairings, trending colors, and a lot more. Several style trends are replacing the decades-old fashion norms, and honestly, we can’t complain. One such trend that caught our attention is the red leather jacket for women on constant rotation as soon as it comes fall!

Be it the runways, street fashion inspo from the fashion capitals around the world, celebrity appearances, or popular fashion influencers, we can spot the divas pairing their red leather jackets with almost every fall wardrobe staple! 

To style your red leather jacket with flair, the first thing you must ensure is to get the fit right. The silhouette should be well suited, and the details of the jacket should perfectly portray your individual style. Whether you already have a splendid one hanging in your wardrobe, or considering buying a new one, here’s how you can style it in unique as well as classic ways. 

You have abundant styles to choose from when it comes to a red jacket made with leather. It can be an upbeat biker jacket in a minimalist style or a classic bomber jacket with its signature ribbed waistline and front zipper. Both of these are highly versatile. 

You can also go for the highly trending cropped styles, vests, or fringed jackets for those chic style statements. If you prefer giving off a neat, put-together look while beating the cold, opt for red leather blazers and long leather trench coats.

For a red jacket that goes with almost anything, which is actually the crux of this fall trend, a great idea is to go for a custom leather jacket. With its perfect fit and details of your choice, it would reflect your personal style no matter what kind of outfit you create with it. 

This fall 2022 trend is aimed at incorporating the red jacket in as many looks as you can, while still managing a different, eye-pleasing look each time. 

10 Street Approved Pairings with the Red Leather Jacket

Red is definitely the new black this fall. Just like the black leather jacket would be the go-to layering option for most of your 2022 fall/winter essentials, you can swap it with red jacket. Celebrities and fashion-savvy divas on social media do it all the time, and so can you! There are so many pairings to which the fashion pros have given a nod. Some of the infallible ways to wear your red leather jacket are stated below.  


To begin with, the most failproof outfit to wear a red leather jacket with is neutral clothing pieces. A beige bodycon dress with suede ankle boots may seem ordinary until you don your feisty red jacket over it. When in doubt, pair a white t-shirt and navy jeans with your red jacket.


Your red jacket is an excellent choice for layering all your sweaters. Whether it is a cable knit cropped sweater that is tucked away in your high waist flare pants or a brown turtleneck worn with jeans, the red leather jacket will surely bring up the style quotient. 


Red pairs well with a lot of solid colors as well as patterns, which means that you can wear it over your fall dresses effortlessly. Your red leather jacket will look as good with a black floral print maxi dress as it will over an off-white ribbed sweater dress. You can also wear a mini flared dress in a burnt orange color along with black leggings and add some interest to the look with a cropped leather jacket in maroon color. 

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Leather Pants

The leather-on-leather look is still a raging trend, so you actually fuse two trends in a single outfit by wearing a red leather jacket over black leather leggings. The edgy outfit instantly grabs attention, so make sure your accessorizing is on point too. 

You can try wearing a black crop top and brown leather flare pants along with a red blazer for a voguish look. 


Jumpsuits are the ultimate wardrobe mainstay for 2022. Among the several ways to style it, wearing it under a leather jacket is something that all fashion-loving women should experiment with. We suggest going for a modern look with a black jumpsuit and a red racer jacket. 

Variety of Skirts

Spice up your skirts and tops with that glamorous red leather jacket of yours. A white buttoned blouse tucked in a black and white and black printed flared skirt is a splendid outfit that you can further elevate with a wine-colored biker jacket. 

Or, go for a red and white polka dot pleated skirt with a black camisole and layer it with a crimson leather moto jacket. 

Button-Down Shirts

Street style can never get better than this. Pair a striped button-down and faded blue slim-fit jeans and layer the ensemble with a red motorcycle jacket. A pair of red pumps will seal the glam-infused look with perfection. 

Use your button-down shirts in silk, chambray, or satin to create similar looks with your red jacket. 

Jeans and Tops

This one’s a no-brainer, using the red leather jacket to add warmth and style to your casual jeans and tops outfits. However, you can follow the latest trends and go for the popular styles of jeans like cargo jeans or mom jeans along with crop tops or tube tops to create fashionable looks with your red leather jacket.

If you opt for jeans and plain t-shirts, use quilted or studded styles to amp up the look. 

Track Pants

The pairing might sound eccentric but certainly looks trendy. The edgy vibes of a red leather jacket perfectly infuse with the comfy and athletic appeal of the track pants. Wear your red leather bomber jacket over a white tank top and red track pants. 

Patterned Accessories

All the shades of red complement patterns like plaid, chevron, paisley, herringbone, or houndstooth. Using patterned scarves, bags, shoes, and other accessories is a nice way to nail this fall trend with perfect harmony.

Wrapping Up

Owning a red leather jacket means you have got quite the weapon to nail several contemporary fashion styles during fall 2022. Once you get the hang of wearing your red jacket with anything and everything, you will accept the versatility of this awesome fashion trend.  

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