Creating the Haute Couture House

haute couture house koket

When it comes to haute couture at home, there is nothing that inspires the designer furnishing brand KOKET more. So, if you want to create your very own haute couture-inspired house, who better than KOKET to advise the most essential tips for bringing the haute couture runway to your interior?!

5 Tips to Create an Haute Couture House

Iconic Black & Gold

Nothing says high drama quite like an iconic black and gold combination. Go for black upholstery, “the little black dress” of interior design. Then layer the perfect canvas with rich gold accents of metal, silk embroidery, and exotic leathers.

creating the haute couture house with koket - iconic black and gold

Intricate Feather Design

Feathers have been a key material in haute couture fashion since embellishing with nature first ever became a thing. Treasured for their organic beauty and rare nature, feathers are an essential element when creating a haute couture home. Few home decor brands offer this rare finish, but at KOKET, it is an iconic brand staple.

feather design in interiors and furniture koket

Larger-than-life Metals

An haute couture favorite, metallic accents come in endless forms when it comes to their incorporation in fashion. At home, the same concept applies. Whether you are going with silver, copper, or gold, go for metal accent pieces for the perfect haute couture house look.

creating the haute couture house with metallic accents by koket

Seductive Figure of a Serpent

A symbol with many meanings, from good to evil, love to hate, and fear to fascination, the serpent is a well-known figure in haute couture design. Mix in sculptural snake forms in your interior for exotic fashion vibes.

snakes and serpents in the haute couture house

Bring In Nature

As seen already in a number of the haute couture house musts listed thus far, nature is an ever-present inspiration in haute couture design. Intricately designed florals and flowing vines will have you feeling like you are living on the runway.

nature inspired design by koket

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