7 Bespoke Renovation Ideas to Enhance Your Living Space

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Many people dream of having a beautiful home that looks effortlessly upscale and chic. However, too often, they resort to putting it aside because they think it could be costly and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on for bespoke renovation ideas to bring your living space to new heights.  

Begin by working in small areas of your home. You don’t need to renovate the entire house at once. You may start by prioritizing one space, and once it’s done, you can focus your energy on another area. This way, you can give each area ample time and attention and focus all your creativity to make it look bespoke and luxurious.   

You may have heard of the word ‘bespoke’ many times in decorating and renovating, but in case you aren’t sure of its exact meaning, here is a refresh.

What Is Bespoke?

Simply put, bespoke means made for a particular user. It’s based on a customer’s request or specification, making it custom-made. When it comes to decorating and renovating, it’s utilizing materials that are not mass-produced, so when you look at something, you can see that it has a personality.  

Home improvements are pretty standard worldwide. People with disposable income would often like to upgrade their living space to provide comfort and relaxation for their families and to improve their home’s aesthetics. In the United States alone, homeowners spent USD$457 billion in 2020 for home improvements.

Most do this independently, but others prefer to work with expert contractors. If you want to learn more about bespoke renovation ideas, check out this next page or consult other resources online.  

Additionally, you may refer to the following tips to enhance your living space and make it look expensive and bespoke.

7 Bespoke Renovation Ideas to Enhance Your Living Space

1. No Surface Should Be Left Untreated  

When you want your home to look customized and elegant, you need to pay attention to your floor, wall, and ceiling. However, the ceiling is often an overlooked part, which can drag your home’s aesthetic. You can spruce up your walls and floors, but leaving your ceiling as plain as a whiteboard will waste your efforts.  

You can choose from elaborate ceiling designs to make the eyes of your guests travel upwards when they enter your home. Further, you may also use a different shade on the palette you’ve chosen to create a visual language that would speak of sophistication and class.

2. Use Textured Wall Paper  

Textured wallpapers are making waves today because they can elevate a space’s design. It creates an impact in a room, and whether you use it on just one panel or throughout a space, you can be sure that it will liven up the area and add a fresh dimension. It could also emphasize a specific nook you want to highlight, maybe a piece of vintage furniture with a sentimental value or an artwork you hold dear.

bespoke renovation ideas to enhance your living space with feather designs
Feather Wallpaper by KOKET

3. Layer Your Lighting  

Your home’s lighting will provide the mood for your space, and layering it will create drama and uniqueness. Aside from ordinary bulbs, you may use a mixture of drop lights, pendant light fixtures, chandeliers, focus lights, table lamps, and floor lamps.  

The strategic positioning of your lights will focus on areas you want to showcase. Perhaps you want people’s eyes to travel to your gallery wall or your collection of expensive figurines. Correct lighting positions can make that happen and do wonders to enhance your living space.

4. Create Multiple Seating Groups  

Instead of arranging one ample seating space, you may create little nooks with pieces of furniture to break the space and create plenty of places where people can commune. You can have one under the stairs, beside the fireplace, or near the bay windows. The idea is to create smaller spaces for people to relax and have a sweet time. It could become your favorite reading nook or your lounge space, or it could also be a game space for the family.  

When you do this, you allow people to enjoy the space however they like, making your home look more custom and well thought-out.  

Asia Chair by Koket

5. Add Architectural Detailing  

Architectural detailing on your walls and ceiling add character and breathes new life to a space. It could be through large casings, moldings, and trim works. If you add this to your baseboards and panel molding into your wall, it’s like you’re applying a cosmetic facelift to a bare face.  

6. Add a Large Statement Art Piece  

Nothing speaks sophistication and elegance more than a large statement art piece on your wall. It will add an exciting aspect to your space and can become a conversation piece when you have guests over. Adding art gives drama, flair, and personality to an area, which is the essence of a bespoke design.   

bespoke renovation ideas to enhance your living space koket neortica II sculpture
Neurotica II Sculpture by KOKET

7. Upgrade Your Hardware  

Changing your hardware can improve the overall look of your space. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it needs to be uniform. You may start by changing your door knobs and see how that change will elevate the look of your home.   

Wrapping Up

A beautiful and organized home can be a space where your family can relax and feel safe, productive, and creative. Because it can have a positive influence on your daily living, investing in upgrades is essential. Moreover, improving your home through renovations needs to be something you put effort and careful thought into.  

Jumping on trends and giving in to your whims can make your home quickly outdated; hence, it would need frequent and costly improvements in the long run. Thus, it would be best to stick to classics and add your personal touch to make it customized, elegant, and expensive-looking.   

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