City Life Meets the Wildness at Selllva Restaurant Lisbon

Located in a corporate area of the city of Lisbon, Portugal, Selllva restaurant turns out to be the perfect balance between city life and a wild feeling you will love. It is the perfect place to disconnect from a long day in the office, have a drink and some good food, and get lost in the jungle!

The name Selllva is a play on the Portuguese word selva, meaning jungle in Engish—Welcome to the jungle!

Enjoy the Good Taste of Selllva Lisbon

Upon entering, you absorb the atmosphere as the wait staff welcomes you to your table. From the decoration of the space to the music, everything connects perfectly.

Sitting down, it is impossible to miss the wall art painted by a Portuguese woman artist—Patricia Marques. Taking over two months to create, the wall art painting is like the inside of one of those kid’s movies that you want to climb inside of. The vibrant colors and the simplicity of the illustration creates a truly memorable experience.

sevella restaurant lisbon mural by patricia marques
Mural by Patricia Marques at Selllva Restaurant Lisbon (Photo via @_selllva_)

In addition, this Lisbon restaurant has a terrace where you can enjoy the best nice weather moments, with lots of joy and a lovely vibrant mood.

The Menu

From bunch through dinner time, Sevllla is open all day.

The mission of this Lisbon restaurant is very clear: to serve healthy cuisine full of flavor. There is a unique connection between different cuisines and cultures. All with the goal is to eat without fundamentalism.

In this jungle, there is room for all tastes, so it’s a good restaurant to go to with family and friends.

Although the focus is on vegan and vegetarian food, you will be delighted to know there is so much more! For vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores, there are dishes for all preferences.

Firstly, on the menu, enjoy one of the jungle cocktails like King Kong or a classic drink like a Mojito. Likewise, there is a variety of starters reminiscent of many different world gastronomic flavors. Imagine that at the same table, you can dine on a burrito from Mexico and risotto from Italy. The perfect match for all tastes! 

Selllva Lisbon Restaurant Drinks

Finally, follow @_selllva_ on Instagram and look out for the different theme nights they offer. You will never have a dull moment in the jungle. See the full menu here and enjoy!

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