Breast Cancer Awareness Day – Love Your Breasts

breast cancer awareness day month

Every 13th day of October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

It is a day to be honored rather than pitied. 

Wearing a pink ribbon is a metaphor for a helping hand to the movement. A hand to hold onto and a shoulder to cry on. More than focusing on one day, it is important to remember the togetherness of women all around the world who are fighting the good fight.

Breast Cancer is a scary experience and turns some women against themselves and their bodies. Thinking it has failed them, that it has control over them. But it is good to remember you always have control over your body.

Fighting the Big C is an example of loving your body no matter what. The first step is to love your breasts and accept your body. Winning over malice comes from a space of love. Putting yourself first shows your worth and your power over breast cancer. Beating it is a personal battle that is not fought alone. The support of everyone around you is the basis of success.

This experience does not define a person; it is an obstacle to jump over. It is a bump on the road. And just as you do when you are driving, all you have to do is look at it in the eye so you know the best way to surpass it.

Supporting this day and speaking about this issue regularly is a battle cry. Bringing awareness over breast cancer makes it possible for more and more women to take preventive action and win this battle.

Learning about breast health is not solely a woman’s job. We see Men being part of the fight more and more as well.

Use this day, and the month of October, to talk about breast cancer. It is not a taboo subject, but rather one that will help you and others. And don’t forget to do your monthly breast self-exam and get your yearly mammograms if you are over 40!

Words by @madforyou_lhm

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