How to Create a Boudoir at Home

Most homes come equipped with a few essential sorts of rooms. You’ll have a kitchen, a lounge, at least one bathroom, and any bedrooms. Then there are other kinds of rooms, which tend to be rarer: the study, the library, the billiard room, and others made famous by Cluedo. Among the sorts of rooms that have fallen out of fashion over the last century or so is the boudoir. Historically, this was a private space where women could prepare for an evening out – or simply relax. It also tended to provide sleeping space. The good news is that you can create your boudoir at home from a spare room with a couple simple interior design tips. It needn’t provide a sleeping space unless you want it to: it can simply be a special place where you can get ready. But what exactly might you include? Let’s take a look.

3 Simple Steps to Create a Beautiful Boudoir Interior Design

A Vanity Area

If you don’t have an area for vanity, then you don’t have a boudoir. This is typically a kind of desk featuring a three-sided mirror so you can view yourself simultaneously from every angle. You’ll ideally do this from your perch atop a comfortable stool.

Hollywood backstage-style mirrors will tend to come with lighting around the edges. You can install this, or something like it, with the help of modern LED strip-lighting and some DIY skills. You don’t want lighting that will flatter you, but that will reveal every pore and wrinkle. That way, you can be sure that you’ll look your best when you’re out at a restaurant, theatre, or club.

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Display Your Lotions and Potions

All of your cosmetic alchemical supplies should be within easy reach. The good news is that perfume manufacturers design their bottles to look pretty. With the help of a few floating shelves, you’ll be able to display yours cleanly and attractively in your boudoir at home. You can fit these yourself with the help of the right tools. A Milwaukee drill with a few matching drivers will serve you nicely. 

Speaking of storage, it might also be a good idea to turn part of your room into a wardrobe space. That way, you’ll be able to pick out a new wardrobe without moving from one room in the house to another.


The boudoir should be a place that looks the part and is purely functional. Traditionally, it’s best to favor certain sorts of color schemes. Reds and blacks, with gold trim, will help to add a decadent touch. Like hemp, silks and other glossier fabrics work better than others.

Then there are the walls, paintings, and photographs you hang from them. Less is more here. Pick out a few choices for hanging decorations, and build the rest of the space around them. The best way to create your boudoir at home is to add your personal touch!

Feature Image: Interior design by Design Decor Repair

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