Top Designers Name Their Favorite KOKET Pieces

prive day bed jewelry koket favorites

Top designers often exhibit the most uninhibited creativity in their work. But like all great artists, they find inspiration in the world around them. Be it a far-off destination or the unique cadence of an old song, designers never cease to become inspired. With this in mind, we round up the top KOKET favorites from the Lh Design Questionnaire series to find out which KOKET pieces were most design inspiring.

In our Design Questionnaire series, we ask top interior designers around the world to pick a piece of KOKET home decor they would love to design around. Here we’ve rounded up the top 10 picks for a list of some of the most exquisitely designed furniture and lighting pieces. Decor that makes love happen between designers and KOKET.


spellbound cabinet koket antique mirror floral design sideboard

I’m a sucker for romance, and I feel that this is a very romantic, graceful piece. I love to incorporate this abstract concept of grace and elegance into any aesthetic of any room. Whether it be through soft materials, textures, or artistry. The flower details are so in line with everything I love about nature and bringing it into the interiors in a way that feels organic and isn’t overly contrived.

Nancy Charbonneau of Charbonneau Interiors


divine armoire peacock feathers

I see this in a living room where it serves as a piece of functional art, part of a classic, eclectic environment. I would not put it in an overall already “glam” living room. I’d place this piece in a room with neutral beautiful shaped furnishings a’ la Pierre Augustin Rose sofas with textural fabrics and artworks while this piece resides as its own showstopper.

Michelle Salz-Smith of Studio Surface


prive day bed koket luxury furniture

The product defines the details that are taken into account when a product is designed. The finely crafted organic and ornamental details and finishes and the luxurious textiles of this product add up to be an opulent and luxurious addition to a space.

Hitesh Shahanand of HS Desiigns


passion sconce koket favorites sconces luxury lighting art

I love the organic texture, but luxurious impression of the Passion Sconce. I would love to create a rustic but minimalistic room and have this be the one statement piece in it.

Jaclyn Genovese of Spaces by Jacflash


decadence bookcase koket round brass

We love the decadence bookcase. It’s a simple but beautiful geometric piece that is a classic—we used it for our Chelsea Project that was inspired by the Art Deco era in the drawing-room.

Mike Fisher of Studio Indigo


nahema chair koket brass hands dining chairs

We used the NAHEMA chairs in our Russian Renaissance project. They became a key item in the dining room, the personification of elegance and Russian aesthetics. The project entirely symbolizes the world’s thousand-year history, folk traditions, and customs.

Vadim Maltsev Design


intuition dining table koket luxury home decor

The Intuition table has a great playfulness but its shape requires a high level of engineering that we love.

212 Box


euphoria floor screen koket

I would love to design a space around the Euphoria Screen. It’s a timeless piece with an unexpected pattern. It’s soft and romantic and can act as a conversational piece in any space.

Brittany Farinas of House of One


The Art Deco design, the scale, and the hand detail remind me of some of the design inspiration I brought back from San Miguel de Allende. I love the smoked mirror…. a super sexy look. 

Eddie Maestri of Maestri Studio


cuff chair koket favorites

I absolutely love KOKET designs! And to be honest I am not able to focus on only one piece. They are all unique and make a statement in an interior. I already used the Cuff chair in two projects of luxury master bedrooms.

Karolina Łuczyńska & Caroline’s Design

We hope scrolling through these interior designer KOKET favorites brings even the tiniest bit of joy to your day!

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