Halloween Makeup Ideas to Love

October is upon us, and with it, Halloween! Look through our suggestions for the best Halloween makeup ideas to spice up this spooky holiday!

Even if you do not have a costume chosen, do not forget your face can sometimes make up for more than your outfit. All options are open, from a witchy look to skulls and more simple detailed drawings on your face; there is a lot you can do on this day.

Be sure to go the extra mile, and use the color in your makeup palette you normally decide to ignore. You never know when black, dark shimmery green, or white can come in handy.

Look below and tell us what you end up going for!

Bold Eye Makeup

Go for big, bold statements in your eye makeup. Use more black around the eyes, and try using contact lenses with different colors to make your eyes pop!

A Full Halloween Makeup Transformation

If you have the time, invest in going for the mythical skull look. Black and white does the trick. Otherwise, take inspiration from Dia de Los Muertos and go for brighter colors and flowers. If it’s death we are celebrating, we might as well make it fun!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out this Halloween makeup video we pinned!

bonnet chair - drapesse chair by koket

Detailed Halloween Themed Makeup

Are you looking for a simpler look? Choose one part of your face you want to give more attention to, and stick to it. Use the theme and go for simple cobwebs, spiders, tears, or even a Joker smile. Use black or red to create a bigger impact.

Remember to use accessories to give more details to your look! Think hats, earrings, and hair accessories. And nails are another great way to bring in the Halloween spirit with ease and class! If you have any Halloween makeup ideas you love tell us in the comments below!

For more spooky holiday inspiration, check out our Halloween boards on Pinterest!

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