Mad For Being Beautiful

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Christina Aguilera’s infamous song “Beautiful” got a new release, where we can all re-learn (and be duly reminded!)—how to be beautiful.

The hymn for self-love and acceptance first launched in 2002, in the break of the new millennia.

In Aguilera’s new release, the song remains the same, but the story changes. In 2022 we see children with arms extended through their smartphones, filming what “beauty” seems to look like, quite literally, through a lens. We see a man lifting weights and girls pointing out insecurities and looking for plastic surgery.

Both videos end with the same idea: Be proud of your identity. 

However, this video (watch below) is a fundraiser for the International Mental Health Association, and it portrays mental health in the last shots. We see images of a boy at a mental facility. A victim of these prejudices who receives a helping hand to move through his pain.

screen shot from be beautiful music video 2022 Christina Aguilera

The message is clear: mental health is still surrounded by a lot of stigmas, and we can’t forget to help young children who feel below a standard understand that the same standard is fake.

screen shot from be beautiful music video 2022 Christina Aguilera

Social media, even with new platforms that want to portray “realness”, is a vehicle that promotes surreal ideas that are then taken as pure reality. If not even dream life. What was once revolutionary for its ability to join people together is now a force that creates division between them.

In conclusion, the fight for individuality and authenticity is still very much underway. And after going through these same issues, we should know better to help and discuss them in public.

Let’s always remember, “we are beautiful no matter what they say.” Don’t be afraid to share that!

Word by @madforyou_lhm
Feature Image: Screenshot from Christina Aguilera – “Beautiful” (2022 Version) on YouTube

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