How the Rise of CBD is Affecting the Beauty Industry

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The release of a new weed product no longer surprises people. First came cannabis edibles of all types and potency, hitting the market with little more than some batting of eyes. Then came balms, oils, and, later on, bath bombs. Nowadays, if you look up CBD massage oil near me, you will get dispensaries that sell the product. The use of CBD has shifted from medicinal attributes to the newest development; the beauty industry.

Does cannabis have any beneficial properties for skin care? Of late, there has been a production of various beauty products. You can find a range of them, from creams to ointments, masks, and more. The question everyone is asking is how beneficial these weed-infused products are.

What Is CBD, and How Is It Extracted?

Cannabis, on its own, is widely known for its range of beneficial properties. Several sites speak to the medicinal and recreational properties of using marijuana. Regarding beauty lines, the most used weed compound is CBD. 

What is CBD? In simple terms, CBD is one of the cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. CBD is one of the most sought-after cannabinoids because it contains therapeutic properties. For one, it has anti-inflammatory features that reduce pain, stress, or any form of discomfort in the body. 

A typical weed plant has about 100 cannabinoids. Other than CBD, there is CBG, THC, CBC, CBV, THCV, and more. These cannabinoids have varying effects when ingested. Some bring about relief, while others are responsible for the high. 

Though these cannabinoids are common, there is still fear regarding their treatment use. The FDA asserts that certain cannabinoids, especially CBD, are effective when used to treat some illnesses. Here the issue becomes getting the individualized cannabinoids instead of the whole package. 

Researchers have targeted CBD extraction with the hopes of getting a pure compound. The use of technology and other advanced systems has allowed them to be successful, but there is still more research on simplifying the process. A typical weed plant contains sufficient CBD that can be extracted and used. Also, hemp plants have a higher amount of the compound with little or no THC traces. Any of the two can be used to get CBD.

The acceptance of CBD in legal circles has pushed a widespread use of the product. Business statistics estimate that the transaction of CBD extracted from the hemp plant will hit $22 billion by the end of 2022. This does not include the products that come from infusing the same in other things. 

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Effects of CBD

As touched on earlier, CBD has a range of effects. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics make it even more relevant in the medical cannabis scene. Researchers, as well as health professionals, have asserted the value of CBD when it comes to treating some illnesses. 

Its effectiveness against pain is one of the well-known factors. The compound is used by individuals suffering from arthritis pain, cancer pain, muscle pulls, and more. Since it was dropped from the FDA prohibited drugs list, it has become an alternative treatment option for employees. 

Another effect of using the same is the management of some mental disorders. CBD has proven effective against depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and many more. When used alongside therapy and other forms of medication, the patient’s quality of life improves. 

The Beauty Industry and CBD

When the compound was gaining popularity, not many people believed that it could be incorporated into beauty lines. The only cosmetic companies dealing in the same happened to be small ones, mostly owned by a single person or a group of people. The lack of attention to the products meant that the sales were generally low. 

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry saw huge investors dip into the weed cosmetic business. Within this time, Sephora, as well as Cult Beauty, have released products that contain CBD as a major ingredient. Other than technological advancements, the legal status of CBD has also played a critical role. 

CBD Effects on the Skin

The continued use of CBD on cosmetic lines can be attributed to its general properties. When ingested, the compound does have anti-inflammatory processes, but what does that mean for the skin? The same anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain, stress, and swelling have also been found to help reduce skin aging.

Applying a cream or oil containing the compound has proven to work against dark spots, inflamed skin, dehydrated skin, and more. These positive results have pushed companies to keep producing the product. The extraction of CBD is now the highest in the UK as compared to that of vitamins B and C.

Wrapping Up

The rise of marijuana products is affecting several industries all at once. While people invest in finding more uses for the plant, they also keep coming up with beneficial products. The rise of CBD-based cosmetic lines in the beauty industry indicates that the products may work. Research, as well as prior experience with the compound, show that it does have anti-inflammatory aspects. When you add anti-aging to the equation, creams, oils, and lotions become sought-after commodities.

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