Restaurant Sála: A History of Portugal Through Gastronomy

In the heart of Lisbon, you can find a mesmerizing restaurant where the dishes are intended to tell and enhance the history of Portugal.

In a uniquely welcoming and refined space, it is possible to enjoy and taste a very varied menu. Fish and seafood are kings of the table. In addition, one of their great passions is wine.

Pull up a chair and let yourself enjoy the Sala Restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal, with Love Happens.

Travel in Gastronomic Culture at Sála Restaurant

Chef João Sá

During our visit to Sála, our team had the privilege of meeting Chef João Sá. His passion for the kitchen and how he talks about his work is infectious.

The kitchen has been present in João Sá’s life for practically as long as he remembers. At just 12 years old, he showed his special taste for cooking. He always called himself a didactic, with a great desire to learn.

He entered this area at a very young age, so the path was laborious but always rewarding.
During his professional career, he has worked with some well-known names in Portuguese cuisine. For example, Ljubomir Stanisic, in 100 Maneiras. In addition, he has international experience, namely in Spain, in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Chef João Sá restaurant sala portugal
Chef João Sá

While Chef João is the leader, there is great teamwork. All the employees are kind, empathetic, and super qualified to explain the approach to the dishes.

He is literally the man at the helm of this ship called “Sála”.

Sala Restaurant portugal
Sála Restaurant Interior

The Menu

Fish and seafood are the main focus, essentially from the Portuguese coast. Above all, influences from around the world are deliciously combined with Portuguese food.

The entire tasting menu is an authentic and exquisite gastronomic journey. In fact, Portuguese cuisine is the main source of inspiration. However, it goes far beyond Lisbon, passing through other continents, such as Africa and Asia.

In the history of Portugal, Lisbon is an area where several cultures converge, which is a great advantage for the cuisine. Indeed, Sála is located in an area close to a port, where a lot of goods from different corners of the world used to arrive.

It has a bit of history and cultural richness. The menu is living proof that a plate of food can tell a story. All dishes take us on a journey. It is also worth mentioning the great respect for the seasonality of the products used to prepare the dishes since that is what also brings great quality.

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In our gastronomic experience, it isn’t easy to choose our favorite dish! However, we would like to highlight the Spider crab with Goan curry and green apple. We were completely surrendered to the taste, aroma, and texture of this dish! In fact, the aroma was a very awakened sensation throughout this experience.

The Menu at Sála Restaurant
Spider crab with Goan curry and green apple

There is also a wine list with over a hundred varieties and a wine specialist to help you choose the best option according to your taste.

Creativity, history, passion, and flavor – everything you need at the table can be found at Sála Restaurant.

Make your reservation for Sala Restaurant here for an unforgettable Portugal inspired gastronomic and cultural experience.

Words by Sílvia Oliveira

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