Pass the Attitude of Gratitude Please

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Whether monumental or mundane, here’s why gratitude matters and five top-tier ways to practice grateful living.

I saw a quote somewhere that read, “Inhale the good shxt, exhale the bullshxt”. Taking the time to do just that and recognizing all you have is a valuable variable and the secret sauce to improving your psyche.

From the healthy ability to breathe air to the little win of scoring a parking spot up front near the gym so you’re not late for spin class and can get your buns on your fave bike. Yes, it all truly matters.

Living a life with an attitude of gratitude cultivates positivity, which makes for a more content, joyful, and fulfilled existence. Even more satisfaction than the temporary gratification of a full stomach on Thanksgiving day (but be thankful for the gooey goodness of baked sweet potatoes too).

If you have a more positive mindset, you’ll most likely find that you are more motivated, and it helps you to look forward to things more.

5 Ways to Practice Grateful Living

1. Practice Mindfulness

Stop, be present, sit down, and take a slow, deep breath. Paint a picture in your mind of things you’re grateful for and seriously sit in that feeling, feeling all the feels in your body. Doing this daily actually requires your brain to naturally start being more grateful, creating greater empathy and happiness.

2. Get Yourself A Gratitude Journal

Write down your positive thoughts! When you can keep track of and further focus on the things you are thankful for, it makes for a great tool to refer to and look back on the positives in your life. You will see that you’ve come a long way. Acknowledge it accordingly.

3. Say Thank You For the Little Things (They actually aren’t that little)

Giving thanks and going through grateful motions like smiling, saying thank you, shooting a text, and sending an email or a written note of gratitude to someone is beneficial. By going through the little grateful motions, you’ll trigger the emotion of flexing that big gratitude muscle more often.

koket empowering home scent spray why gratitude matters and how to practice grateful living

4. Savor Your Senses

Let’s be honest; there will be days when gratitude may feel challenging to find. In these moments, remember why gratitude matters. This is the perfect opportunity to tune into your senses. Try tapping into noticing what you can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. Doesn’t have to be anything special, the smell of freshly brewed coffee or hearing a song that makes you want to dance like no one is watching. That’s the goody-good grateful stuff right there.

5. Thank Yourself

Gratitude doesn’t necessarily have to be focused externally. Sometimes we’re busy giving appreciation and approval to those around us, but we rarely give ourselves some kudos. Give yourself a shout-out! And the gratitude Grammy goes to you! For the healthy habits you have nourished. Such as those veggies you ate, getting proper rest, and putting in the necessary work to continually grow into the amazing human you are.

Gratitude looks good on you. Ready, set, go, and give thanks!

Words by Jasmín Nelson
Feature Photo by Carli Jeen

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