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holiday house 2022

Open through December 11, 2022, Holiday House NYC 2022 Designer Showhouse is back after two years due to COVID. For the 2022 edition, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) fundraiser event took over two fabulous penthouse apartments at The Kent, a 30-story luxury residential tower on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Since 2008 Holiday House NYC founder and breast cancer survivor Iris Dankner, along with design chairs Amy Lau and Thom Filicia, joins forces with the industry’s top interior designers to present chic and cutting-edge designs in support of BCRF and, of course, to our delight!

Event sponsor Allan Oppenheimer from Extell Development Company said it best when describing the 2022 location at The Kent as “some of the most unique [homes] on New York’s Upper East Side with expansive layouts, the finest finishes, and incredible views of the skyline, East River and Central Park, allowing all attendees to experience the very best of New York while simultaneously participating in such a meaningful cause.”

Scroll on and enjoy!

Holiday House NYC 2022 Showhouse

A-List Interiors

living room interior design in holiday house 2022 by a-list interiors photo by brittany ambridge
Photo by Brittany Ambridge

Beauty and quality are inherent in their work, and for A-List Interiors, the client experience is paramount.

In this project, we get to see a majestic use of patterns and textures with the rug and the handpainted wallpaper adorning the wall. The use of daylight in the room is evident with a desk overlooking the river, and the use of white in small details makes the room lighter against the contrast of the brown-colored wood and dark sofas.

living room interior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Brittany Ambridge
temptation cabinet by koket

Aamir Khandwala Interior Design

hallway interior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Alan Barry Photography

For Aamir Khandwala, design has the power to capture ineffable qualities of experience. In his many works, the designer is famous for bringing his client’s vision to life, never being afraid of going for big statement pieces, bright colors, or elegant designs in all ways and forms.

In this space, Amair partnered with Modernist Cuisine Gallery by Nathan Myhrvold and Montana-based gems and minerals brand Studio Greytak to create a unique exhibition space inspired by the winter solstice. On display in the grand hallway of The Kent’s Penthouse B is Myhrvold’s Icelandic Collection, a series of photos taken during a two-week journey throughout the East and South of Iceland.

Alison Rose x Roche Bobois

living room interior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Reid Rolls

New York-born and raised interior designer and architect Alison Rose teamed up with Roche Bobois for furnishings and NY-based abstract expressionist Rachel T. Hicks for the project’s immersive, site-specific mural.

Having an interest in artisanal techniques and using many different materials, from wood to marble, Rose put the biggest spotlight on the meeting conversation sofas in the center of the room.

The use of many colors and textures makes this a space you want to observe and check for its smallest details.

Champalimaud Design

terrace exterior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Alan Barry Photography

The Kent’s terrace views are something of a dream. Champalimaud Design studio takes us through a meeting place that is cozy for everyone around.

Making good use of the view, nothing blocks the view of the skyscrapers. Instead, the focus is below the terrace brick walls, with comfortable sitting and trees that make you feel at home.

The change of flooring throughout the terrace shows the various meeting areas.

terrace exterior design
Photo by Alan Barry Photography

CD Interiors

CD Interiors‘ mantra is “modern influence meets vintage accents.”.

In this space, the design firm goes for an elegant dining room with an already festive setting table, perfect for the holidays. While simultaneously adding a children’s play area with a whimsical wallpaper. The different wallpapers differentiate each area of this space.

The beautiful painting of a flamingo and the indoor cherry blossom make up for a perfect dinner conversation.

Collette Home

terrace exterior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Alan Barry Photography

Collette Home is a new take on luxury consignment.

In this adaptation of exterior design, there is a clear focus on greenery in many forms and a focus on round furniture. This take on the table and sitting design show this space as a meeting area.

There is also a statement piece on the corner that contrasts the excessive and evergoing movement of the city of New York is seen from so far up above, in complete stillness.

terrace exterior design
Photo by Alan Barry Photography

Cynthia Rowley x Parete

bedroom interior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Ricardo Picon Photography

Parete is the perfect company if you want to go wild with the color in your house.

For Holiday House 2022 NYC Showhouse, Cynthia Rowley brings this bedroom to life with its incredible use of patterns throughout the bedroom, closet, and hallway in this space.

The contrast of the strong colors and the many pieces that match some of the many tints make this a one-of-a-kind design.

bedroom interior design
Photo by Ricardo Picon Photography

Design by Tula Summerford

Tula Summerford of Design by Tula is inspired by Asian patterns and ancient designs in this copper bathroom.

Going for a strong pattern on the wall, the matching marble flooring and cabinet smooth out the round braided lines.

The biggest focal point is definitely in the lighting and its effects on the wall.

Elsa Soyars Interiors

Elsa Soyars is known for putting together individual spaces together.

In her space, the designer uses beautiful lines and neutral colors to go with the daylight coming in. The bedroom invites the Sun and the neverending New York skyline.

It is in the bathroom we are presented with a unique collection piece, patterned marble, and striking bouquets that make this a beautiful intimate room.

bathroom interior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Alan Barry Photography
my object of desire

Eneia White Interiors

pink girls bedroom interior design by Eneia White Interiors
Photo by Marco Ricca

Even though we are walking into a children’s bedroom, I think we can all say we would all want to live in this pink-colored haven.

With a touch of Marie Antoinette, sweets, and strong patterns, this design by Eneia White Interiors invites creativity and fun. Even with this interesting take on a bunk bed looking out the window.

Jen Talbot Design

Jen Talbot is known for using installation art in her many conceptual projects.

In this space, the designer goes for a grey finish which she contrasts with colorful velvet cushions, textures on the wall (or hanging from the ceiling in the bathroom), and statement architectural pieces that bring depth into this room. Case in point, the chained lamp and the objects in different geographical shapes.

Interestingly, the smoothest details are in marble furniture, such as the table and the counter inside the bathroom.

KA Murphy Interiors

children bedroom interior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Mark Roskams

Once again, we see beautiful handpainted wallpaper in the Holiday House 2022. In this children’s bedroom design by KA Murphy Interiors, the pattern shows an enchanting sky with seagulls flying by.

Simple details of stuffed animals and fuzzy carpets and flowers make this a very friendly space.

All in all, it is perfect for a baby and for parents who would need to wake up during the night to feed their newborn.

Katie Brandt Interiors

hallway interior design
Photo by Alan Barry Photography

For this design firm, it is always possible to find beauty in everything.

In this space, designer Katie Brandt found the most striking and beautiful paintings to adorn the hallway and entranceways of many houses within The Kent.

The most stunning for us is the black wallpaper, with a charming white chandelier, a perfect golden vase for flowers, and what seems to be the most comfortable stool in the world.

KRID Studio

New York City is known for its small spaces; in this room, KRID Studio turns the design up on this simple study space with a direct view of the city.

Using warm lights and velvet seating makes this room inviting and perfect for individual time.

The use of mirror on the wall against the window and the patterned curtains open up what seems to be a small room.

ML Interiors

terrace exterior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Marco Ricca

We love the small details this terrace has to give.

From the mirrors to the textured green wall, this space designed by ML Interiors is open for conversations and get-togethers looking over Manhattan island.

The comfortable chairs and sofas contrast with bright orange chairs to make the space pop.

kk by koket
hallway interior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Alan Barry Photography

The mastery of using color is the defining element of this Holiday House 2022.

But Riki Wagh Design and Neil Kerman Gallery take the crown with this incredible and beautiful way of adding color to the hallways that join together many of the rooms of The Kent.

There is no texture too wild or pattern too confusing. Everything fits in this work of art.

hallway interior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Alan Barry Photography

Rio Hamilton x Badilla Painters

living room interior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Alan Barry Photography

In this project, Rio Hamilton, in partnership with Badilla Painters, uses the light coming from the windows to shine through the living room and kitchen, creating an enchanting space.

The constant use of flora throughout the rooms brings a little nature from the concrete jungle inside the house. This welcoming use of flowers and colors goes against a marble pillar with a fireplace that adds up to the communal space of the living room. With beige and white sitting areas, this room shouts calmness.

kitchen interior design badilla painters photo by alan barry photography
Photo by Alan Barry Photography

Sarah Lederman Interiors

bedroom interior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Kirsten Francis

Knowing to be the center of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Sarah Lederman brings cottage aesthetics into this charming and inviting bedroom.

The simple line details on the wallpaper match the small picture on the wall and the green in the glass vases.

Joining the classic lines with the wooden vintage furniture is the perfect marriage between the old and the new in this space.

Susan Glick Interiors

living room interior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Marco Ricca

No New York apartment is complete without a clear penthouse living room.

In her project for Holiday House 2022, renowned designer Susan Glick uses this space by joining the living room with the dining room. The separation of spaces is done with the carpet, and the feature on top of the dining table, which make this an exclusive space.

Not shining away from the light coming through the windows and the skyline looking in, this room uses light colors, contrasting with collectible pieces on the wall, where the main feature is color.

living room interior design in holiday house 2022
Photo by Marco Ricca

The Holiday House NYC’s Fall 2022 Designer Showhouse will run until December 11th. Find more information here!

And a special shoutout to all the event sponsors, Nash Stone Group, M. Daddio, Inc. Builders, Exequor Wellness, Fabricut, Phillip Jeffries, New York’s Little Elves, Roche Bobois, Kirsch, Benjamin Moore, Ann Gish, Parete, Top Hat Home Services, Tito’s Vodka, Royal Botania, Modernist Cuisine, FJ Hakimian, Studio Greytak, Neil Kerman Gallery, Frette, Stark Carpet, AJ Madison and John Lyle. Media Partners included Modern Luxury Manhattan, Hamptons Real Estate Showcase, and Park Magazine.

Feature Image: Interior by Susan Glick Interiors (Photo by Marco Ricca)

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