How to Save Space in a Tiny Kitchen

Tiny kitchens come with several challenges and leave those who use them wishing for a cooking space that Chef Gordon Ramsey would approve of. Cramped movement, limited cabinet space, and countertops overtaken by appliances and sinks can make things feel cluttered and meal prep unpleasant. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to save space in smaller kitchen areas and maximize efficiency. While you may need help knocking out walls to create breathing room, our ideas can go a long way in making your small kitchen feel larger and more functional by maximizing what little working room you have available. 

Upgrade or Modify Your Kitchen Shelving

Cabinets and shelves are the primary features of any kitchen. With these storage options, you have somewhere to put your glass or dishware, pots, pans, or food. So, how can you maximize this limited space further? One option is installing open shelving, which allows you to put items within easy reach instead of being concealed by the depth of the shelf or a cabinet door. 

Another popular solution is retractable shelving. These allow you to organize better and access items in hard-to-reach, underused areas, such as base cabinets. Check out companies that offer pull out shelves in Rancho Cordova, CA, to get more ideas about how this storage option could make your small kitchen more functional.

Increase Sink Counter Space

If you already use a dish rack in one of your double sinks, you probably already know where this tip is going. Imagine if you could temporarily increase your countertop space by covering your empty sink. Basin covers are a trending space saver that has quickly become a must-have for those living with a confined kitchen area. In addition, this is a popular solution for those who need more countertop rooms for meal prep. 

Sneak in a Rolling Pantry

Rolling pantries are essentially multi-tiered, super-skinny carts that hold a wide variety of items, such as dried goods, cans, spices, cleaners, and more. It’s a clever piece of ingenuity that slips into the narrow space between your refrigerator and the wall. 

Use Your Backsplash as a Storage Space

While it’s true that the primary function of your backsplash is to create an easy-to-clean surface where food splatters often occur when cooking, did you know it can be used as storage too? For example, if you currently have a kitchen utensil holder that is taking up space on your counter, you could install a peg board-style backsplash instead to hold these tools on hooks. This would then free up your kitchen counter space a bit further for other important gadgets. Just make sure to choose materials that are easy to clean, like stainless steel.

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Put Your Kitchen Table Away

If you dine in your kitchen because you don’t have a dining room space, your table is probably taking up considerable space. Instead, use a fold-away table and chairs if you have a wall or even a knee wall under a higher window. These sets are excellent space savers and only take seconds to set up and put away. In addition, this opens up more floor space to move around during mealtimes or when prepping your lunch for work.

Let Your Toes Be Part of the Solution

One frustrating aspect of base cabinets is that they’re low to the ground and awkward to get into. Plus, they actually have more unused space underneath them you can’t access. Using toe-kick drawers reclaims this area, so you have storage under the primary cabinet! Imagine all of the cookie sheets or even pet-feeding solutions you can use these for! No more knocked-over food bowls during feeding time. The spring release action of these drawers requires a quick nudge from your toes to pop it out.

Your Kitchen Doesn’t Have to Store Everything 

Is there a hallway linen closet just around the corner from your kitchen? Are you wasting that space and want to modify it to hold more? Instead of keeping all your culinary needs in one designated room, consider putting occasional and bulkier kitchen items in your additional storage areas in other parts of your home. When it comes to ideas for making your small kitchen more functional, this is a great tip to implement.

Kitchen Corners Hold More Than Cobwebs

Finding space in a tiny kitchen requires thinking outside the box. Corners provide a wealth of space with the right shelving in place. When you install a few of these shelves in these spots, you’ll immediately add at least a square foot or two of space for storing additional items, like cookbooks, that normally don’t have a convenient spot to sit.

No Pantry? Make One!

One frustrating aspect of a tiny kitchen layout is that it rarely has a dedicated pantry. Instead, you must store all your dishes, glasses, utensils, gadgets, food, and drinks in the few available cabinets. So, it becomes a game of saving space. You already know how bulky food packaging can be, and even though you already store sugar and flower in specialized containers, you probably hadn’t thought to do the same for things like cereal, pancake mix, and other dry goods. 

Storage containers are fairly cheap to come by, but if you’re not a fan of plastic, various-size mason jars can provide you with an alternative storage solution. Then you only need one or two wall racks to hold your goods, creating a dedicated pantry space! 

Your Kitchen Has No Room For Junk

Almost every kitchen in America has some sort of junk drawer where all the household’s random items get tossed in without a second thought. This is a terrible habit to get into because, in a small kitchen, your drawers are invaluable space savers. Fight your inner clutterbug and make better use of your drawers. For example, if your spice rack is getting in the way of creating a pantry space, use one of your drawers to store them instead.

A Tiny Kitchen Can Be an Amazing Cooking Space

With all of the modern conveniences available to maximize storage and create multi-functional space, your compact kitchen can become a more comfortable and convenient workplace space. Modifying your kitchen cabinets to be more functional and accessible with pull-out shelves and using a sink cover to increase counter space are just a few of the many affordable ideas to achieve these goals.

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