Will Women’s Empowerment Ever Rule The World?

women's empowerment

Women’s empowerment is a huge topic and one that can be quite complicated, but in the end, will this movement ever rule the globe? That is the million-dollar question, and many intellectual minds have thought about this carefully and believe that this powerful progress continues at the social and economic levels.

Defining Empowerment

Plenty has been written and said about women’s empowerment, and it can be defined in multiple ways by individuals across the world. You may have a unique perspective yourself.

The global development organization known as Heifer International looked at female empowerment, and its staffers had varying opinions on defining the movement. For instance, Anahit Ghazanchyan of Armenia described it as a feeling of pure freedom in expressing oneself, making decisions for oneself, and finding happiness for oneself.

Beatriz Pozo of Honduras believes that women’s empowerment lies in keeping up the fight to level the playing field, where there’s equal access to jobs under equal conditions.

Angie Ahuyon of the United States says that female empowerment means women are unafraid to use their voices and push forward, never fearing a challenge.

Women Still Struggling

It is no secret that women everywhere continue to make tremendous strides globally. The numbers tell the story. There are some 74.6 million women in the U.S. workforce, and four out of ten are working in women-dominated sectors.

However, the true picture lies here. Of the 7.8 billion people living on Planet Earth, women make up the majority, and yet, females continue to fight for the rights that males enjoy worldwide.

What’s the solution?

Women Supporting Other Women

Lean In and McKinsey & Company researchers believe that women need to support other women to advance women in business. Statistics show that progress has stalled. Not only that, but the global pandemic had an effect, where women leaders are switching jobs at the highest rate ever. More females want companies to place a lead on “flexibility, employee well-being, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Men are welcome, but certainly not needed to empower women. Instead, women must stand with other women to move the needle closer to equality, say experts. Gender equality is a human right.

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Sponsoring, Investing, and Standing Up

McKinsey & Company told Forbes Magazine that this can be achieved through sponsorship at work, investing in funds that give loans to women-owned businesses, and standing up for other women in the workforce.

More women are needed in executive positions. Studies have found that when Fortune 500 companies have more women leaders, these businesses end up with stronger financial performances than their competitors.

Canada and Australia Leading

Two fine examples of female empowerment can be found in Canada and Australia, and these two countries are, perhaps, the answer to women’s empowerment eventually ruling the world.

Canada owns the title of having the highest female labor force participation rate at 61.3%. This distinction has been maintained for decades now, and Australia isn’t far behind.

In 2019, Aussies boasted a labor force of 61.1% with a strong tendency to advance even further.

The United States shows encouraging news, also. The latest figures point to women holding 50.04% of all jobs there. It’s an upward trend that experts believe will escalate and result in a declining number of men in the workforce.

Education and Entrepreneurship Growing

Another facet in the movement of women’s empowerment stems from higher education and women creating their own businesses. Again, the numbers indicate that females are earning more college degrees than males and thriving in the world of entrepreneurship.

Those who start their own businesses appear to be the happiest because self-employment gives them control, more freedom, and creativity in the work they are doing. By the way, 10 million businesses in the United States alone are owned by women. Being a boss lady is a rewarding position, and these skilled and successful women are contributing $1.4 trillion in receipts.

Women continue to climb the ladder and break glass ceilings, but no, women aren’t completely there yet. Many people believe that women’s empowerment will dominate and, yes, eventually, rule the world. Women have all the tools to drive change. It’s just a matter of time.

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