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At Lh, we love sharing Empowered Women Who Empower; please meet Michelle Demaree, AKA Miss Diamond Ring!

Miss Diamond Ring is a diamond concierge business. The perfect place to find the perfect ring. Relying on the best craftsmanship and exceptional service is the go-to recipe for investment buys such as this.

There is a lot that goes into finding the perfect piece to accompany you for the rest of your life. From the characteristics of a diamond to the shape, the style, or adding any personalized details. Choosing the perfect ring with ease is what Miss Diamond Ring is all about.

Meet Michelle Demaree

CEO & Founder of Miss Diamond Ring

Michelle Demaree shows us when you believe in your dream; you can make it happen!

From working in the finest Maisons for jewelry, brands like Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston, and the iconic Tiffany & Co, Demaree built her own empire: Miss Diamond Ring. A new concept on finding the perfect ring for the rest of your life, with the diamond concierge you didn’t know you needed. May it be a gift for yourself or a gift you want to receive, the best is always to invest in the best craftsmanship and quality.

michelle demaree

Inspired by Maya Angelou’s famous words, “People will forget what you did, and people will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”, the CEO is proud to run her self-made projects with purpose and passion.

Be empowered by Michelle Demaree

Love Happens: As our name and the tagline of our publisher, KOKET denotes, at Love Happens, we are firm believers that you cannot achieve any level of success without love. When did your love affair with diamond rings begin? How did it make you feel?

Michelle Demaree: My love affair with diamonds was born working at the famous Parisian atelier Van Cleef & Arpels in Chicago. Being able to work with such elite craftsmanship and rare stones, every Collection telling a beautiful story, I was smitten by the feminine and floral art nouveau designs. I was also privileged to work at Harry Winston & Tiffany & Company on Rodeo Drive, which further drove my passion for art,  beauty, and love stories.

My passion was set on fire years later when I started my business and was able to take my expertise and experience and curate bespoke engagement rings on my terms. With more detail and uniqueness to honor and embody the love story each couple shared. Nothing has felt more aligned than creating this business which is so authentically what I stand for—inspired love and beauty.

Lh: What’s your take on the classic statement “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? 

Michelle: You know it’s funny because I used to picture Marilyn Monroe in that pink dress dripping in diamonds when I heard this statement. But now, what I think is how diamonds embody the true feminine. Diamonds are strong, resilient, radiant, and multi-faceted, they reflect light back to us, and their beauty and strength are created from immense heat and pressure, similar to how life shapes us.

Diamonds are a reminder of our inner beauty and our highest self. I have an Intention Diamond Collection to remind women to celebrate their greatness with every sparkle. 

Diamonds embody the true feminine. Diamonds are strong, resilient, radiant, and multi-faceted, they reflect light back to us, and their beauty and strength are created from immense heat and pressure, similar to how life shapes us.

Lh: How do you choose the perfect diamond?

Michelle: Choosing the perfect diamond is like picking out an important work of art for your wall. More than anything, the emotion and happiness it brings you should drive your decision above all else. Remember—it is a work of art that represents your love—you want to feel that when you look at your diamond. 

How does the shape make you feel? How does it look on your hand? How does the diamond coverage look on your finger? Do you want the bold, angular lines of a radiant cut or the soft curves of an elongated oval? The setting should represent your personal style and your lifestyle.

Of course, all diamonds need to be ethically sourced (having the Gold standard of GIA certification ensures this). 

Another important consideration is hitting the sweet spot of color, clarity, and carat weight for your budget, so you do not overspend in the wrong category. You do not need a VVS1 for an oval or radiant; in fact, that could be better spent as a VS2 with higher color or carat weight. Clients come to me for “sweet spot” stone sourcing.  

Lh: What would be the perfect Holly Jolly Diamond Season for the holidays?

Michelle: An Intention Diamond from my Diamonds with Soul Collection is the best Holly Jolly gift to give yourself or your partner! Whether sourced for a couple to set an intention on, or for yourself as you begin 2023 with a powerful commitment to your dreams. An Intention Diamond is a powerful daily visual reminder of what you want to realize in your life. The Holidays are a perfect time when family is together, a time to reflect on the past year. And to get clear and intentional about what you want to achieve this coming year.

Where you want to grow and how you want to improve, and diamonds are a powerful way to do this, as they are crystals that amplify energy and intention. Intentions can range from joy, abundance, and love to forgiveness, protection, and health.  

diamonds with soul collection michelle demaree

Lh: What is a diamond concierge? What makes Miss Diamond Ring the best?

Michelle: Imagine you are working directly with the CEO of a top luxury jewelry house that is custom-sourcing a stone and creating a unique, one-of-one engagement ring just for you. With every detail in mind, starting from your fiancee’s personal style, hand size, and lifestyle, with access to the best diamond and gemstone options sourced globally (and effortlessly) all the way to proposal.

It is the highest level of detail, care, and communication, something I feel is essential for a purchase this significant. 

miss diamond ring

L.H: What is your favorite part of being Miss Diamond Ring?

Michelle: The beauty and love stories of the couples I meet and create beautiful rings for. Watching them get engaged and being a small but important part of the beginning of their next chapter. It is a consistent high of happiness and inspiration!!!

Lh: What is your favorite diamond piece? And why?

Michelle: Well….this is an easy one for me because I just got engaged to the love of my life!!! Paul let me pick out my favorite diamond, and we designed a beautiful bespoke ring together. Then he flew it into Outer Space on a SpaceX Rocket… So I guess you can say my ring is “out of this world!”. It is a 6-carat Oval, with a 1.6mm pave diamond band, in a suspended halo, and an infinity / 8 /  symbol on the bottom of the ring, essentially 2 rings in one! 

It is delicate, feminine, and the perfect size for my hand. And it has a beautiful inscription from Paul on the inside. I cannot stop staring at it!

muse sconce by koket

Lh: What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?

Michelle: Building my Miss Diamond Ring business during the most challenging time in my life. It felt almost impossible because I was going through a divorce, I had a young child, almost no budget, and no idea how to build my own business (from social media & website to legally incorporating, insurance, packaging, etc.) Still, I felt a very strong calling to build it, and so I did! Every year I grew and learned new things and just kept building.

Miss Diamond Ring michelle demaree

After I would put Charlotte down at night, I would start working until 3-4 am. Then wake up at 7 and get her ready for school. The Pandemic hit, which also created new challenges, but ironically drove my business immensely due to a lot of decisions I made that year before. I feel so proud of this business because it is an expression of my soul and purpose, which is love and connection, and there is no red tape on anything I do.

I also have balance in my life and am able to be with my daughter all the time and set my schedule in a way that supports the life I want to live. 

Lh What empowers you most?

Michelle: Deep, meaningful connection with friends. Helping women connect to the love within so they can unblock themselves and live their best life. With their partner, with their children, and in their business life. Having more access to love, compassion and connection allows people to live to their highest potential, which is living in a state of happiness, abundance, and love. 

Lh: What is next for Michelle Demaree?

Michelle: I plan to continue Miss Diamond Ring and also accept a few more women in my private coaching practice, “Upgrade”. Upgrading women’s lives in a full 360, starting from within and watching them beautifully transform everything outside of them, brings me great joy. It is my purpose.

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Interview by @madforyou_lhm
All Photo Courtesy of Miss Diamond Ring

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