Five Golden Tips for Interior Styling This Winter Season

ven morgan Le Bercail ski chalet winter styling

When it comes to design, Vanessa Morgan, founder of the Chelsea-based design and development firm Ven Morgan and her all-female team are industry experts. A status they earned through the beautiful design and implementation of everything from contemporary London apartments to an international ski chalet (that oh so beautiful feature photo above!). So when we decided to do an article on winter interior styling we asked Vanessa her thoughts and her answers were just the dose of chilly weather decorating tips we were looking to share. Read on for everything from simple to extravagant ways to add warmth, atmosphere, and your favourite festive touches for the perfect winter interiors.

5 Tips to Dress Your Home This Winter Season


Bring in soft textures to invite warmth and cosiness, such as heavy throws, mohair, cashmere, and wool.

fox fur throw koket
Fur Throw by KOKET


Lower home lighting inside and bring in fairy lights and candles.

Interior by Ven Morgan winter ski chalet bathroom
Interior by Ven Morgan

Outside, dim porch lighting, light a fire pit or indulge in a gas coal coffee table.

Chalet Rosalp 3 Verbier by Firefly Collection
Chalet Rosalp 3 Verbier by Firefly Collection


Select a fragrance to evoke warmth and atmosphere.

Empowering Scent by KOKET


Change floral displays to reflect the season. Consider using autumnal or holiday colours with neutral palettes, or opt for opposing colours on the colour wheel if you want more vibrancy.

serpentine mirror koket
Serpentine Mirror by KOKET


Create intimate outdoor spaces with outdoor rugs, furniture, a fire feature, watertub fireplace, and always an abundance of inviting furry blankets. Adding curtains is a great way to close in warmth when you can’t have folding glass doors like shown below :). There are some gorgeous outdoor curtain fabrics available for a wonderful alternative.

chalet zermatt peak luxury outdoor winter styling ski chalet
Chalet Zermatt Peak

Feature Image: Interior by Ven Morgan

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