Wrapping Up 2022

best of 2022 love happens magazine

As we head into 2023, we can’t help but start to reflect on the year behind us. So, while we traveled down 2022-memory-row, we picked some of our favorite articles from the year to share with you. Happy reading!


best of 2022 love happens magazine the human touch cover joao rolo

The Human Touch | Volume 5

Launched in February 2022 in this print edition of Love Happens, we explore the amazing power of the human touch. Filled with inspiring, timeless content—if you haven’t read this yet, we hope you do. And be sure to look for Vol. 7 in Winter 2023!

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best of 2022 Inspired by Her Touch: 30 Top Female Luxury Interior Designers We Love

Inspired by Her Touch: 30 Top Female Luxury Interior Designers We Love

The power of the female touch runs deep at Love Happens! Celebrating the creative talents of a curated selection of our favorite top female luxury interior designers was definitely a 2022 highlight for us.

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best of 2022 storm interiors top interior designers in la koket chloe sconces in hallway

Top Interior Designers In (and Around) LA

Such an honor to feature this collection of top interior designers who are working in and around the LA area.

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best of 2022 koket bespoke services luxury high end furniture interior design

Top Bespoke Luxury Interior Design Services to Love

Made-to-order is the new luxury. Here are the best bespoke services you should know about.

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best of 2022 haute couture house koket

Creating the Haute Couture House

What makes an Haute Couture House? We learned from the best out there: KOKET!

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fashion events 2021 Schiaparelli Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020

Blue: A Colorful Glance Into History & Influence

One of the primary colors that continues to rock our world. In 2022 we found out why that is.

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best of 2022 birth of venus by sandro botticelli remastered google art project history of pink

Women & Pink: A Color History

Fashion takes form from cultural shifts. Learn why pink is more than a color for women.

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best of 2022 design questionnaire

Design Questionnaires

Throughout the year of 2022 we discovered more designers for our “Design Questionnaire” column, from India to the US, all the way to back to Europe!

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best of 2022 yves saint laurent at his studio

Yves Saint Laurent: A French Fashion History

The story behind the icon who made it possible for women to wear a power suit.

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best of 2022 chanel bag

Chanel: A Grand & Fashionable History

There is so much to know about the most luxurious brand in the world. Chanel brings fashion, exclusivity and timeless beauty into one.

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a woman wearing a chanel belt

Timeless Perfection: Chanel’s 5 Most Popular Products Over The Years

Love Happen’s favourite Chanel staples since the beginning of the brand.

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best of 2022 elie saab

Elie Saab: One Of The Biggest Names in Fashion

The lebanese fashoin brand on everybody’s lips and its running to the top.

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balmain store

The Evolution of Balmain House

Balmain’s design have a place in fashion no other brand can fulfill. But did you know history played its part in the creation of the fashion house?

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sohee park

Meet Sohee Park, The Designer Enchanting Through Fashion

The upcoming story of the designer who first presented her work through Dolce & Gabanna before starting on her own. And who dresses the most famous celebrities right now.

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Madonna singer 1990 jean paul gauthier cone bra Photo by Frans Schellekens/Redferns)

Top Women’s Wear Designers Of All Time

In 2022 we went over the 20 designers who changed the world of fashion to the better. From Christian Dior to Miuccia Prada and Alexander McQueen.

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what gemstones say about you hand with earrings on it

Gems Uncovered: What Your Jewelry Says About You

“Diamonds are a firl’s best friend”, but what does each of your favourite rocks mean?

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miss dior perfume francois demachy dior perfume designer

Discover the Secret Behind Dior’s Must-Have Fragrances

The story of François Demachy, the mastermind behind the most elegant and famous Dior fragrances.

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best nyc hair salons for beauty top rated hair stylists new york

All the Best Hair Salons in NYC Right Now

Your guide for the best place to get the perfect blowout in the Big Apple.

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lekko aesthetics

Love Your Skin with Lekko Aesthetics

Our skin care is unmatched! Lekko Aesthetics teaches why it is so important.

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signature scent rose petals love happens perfume

Signature Scent – What Is Yours?

Smells have the power to bring back memories. Be sure to find the perfect scent for you.

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2ne1 republic of korea hallyu korean pop wave flickr

Mad for Hallyu!—Does Ancestry Lead to Innovation?

South Korea has been the birthplace of many trends, but where did it all begin?

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royal necklace of queen elizabeth II

The Queen’s Necklace—A Sparkling Tribute to an Empowered Monarch

Everybody feels like a queen when using jewelry, but what do the queen jewels tell us?

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Cacao & Cardamom artisan bar set

A Chocolate Lovers Guide to Luxury Handmade Chocolate

There is nothing quite as decadent, glamorous, and magnificent as chocolate. In 2022 we found out the best place to get your fix.

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Antonio Marin Segovia Isadora Duncan perfectionism flickr

Unwinding the Damage of Perfectionism

Shift perceptions and begin the new year with a new outlook on life! Out with the old, in with the new (mindset).

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Hamptons for Design Lovers

A guide for the perfect places you cannot miss in the Hamptons paradise.

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Portugal for Design Lovers

The coastal go-to country with the best food, architecture, and people.

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milan luxury design lovers travel city guides galleria vittorio emanuele II milan

Milan for Design Lovers

A guide to the birthplace of so many of our favorite Italian fashion Houses.

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jncquoi club lisbon private members only exclusive clubs

10 of the Most Exclusive Private Members Only Clubs

Exclusivity is one of our favorite words. These are the places you have to go to.

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outdoor dining spot in nyc

Discover the Best Outdoor Dining Spots in NYC

New York City continues to surprise us with the best views. We found out the best dining spots in the concrete jungle that will give you the best views.

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aman amangani jackson hole

Discover the Most Luxurious Ski Resorts in the World

No year is complete without a snow trip. Here are the resorts to add to your travel list.

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top women in tech

Meet the Top Women in Tech

The tech world is not ruled by men. Here you can find the 50 women who have had a say in the tech world as we know it today.

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moms rule the world mothers day 2022 barbara larson photography

A Million and One Reasons Moms Rule

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. But also the most rewarding! Why are moms the most important person in our lives?

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paper heart

An Ode to Self Love

You should never forget to love yourself before you love others. Understand who you are and why you always matter.

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colorful tableware in crockery china cabinet 2022 resolutions take action

In Between Beginnings and Endings: Learnings in ‘Action’ for Self Empowerment

Activate your own power and live accordingly. Actions speak louder than words; make them count.

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women who inspire 21st century women inspiring

5 Women Who Inspire in the 21st Century

The five women who inspire us to fight for our dreams and make a positive difference in the world!

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breast cancer awareness

Love Your Breasts

Breast Cancer is an honourable fight. Jasmín Nelson teached us to love our breast whatever the outcome.

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best of 2022 empowered women empower

Empowered Women Empower Series

If there is one thing we believe at Love Happens is that Empowered Women Empower Women! Look through all the women we got to interview in 2022 that pave the way.

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Feature Image by Moritz Knoringer | Unsplash