Why Net Curtains Are the Perfect Look for Your Living Room

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Net curtains, also known as sheer or voile drapery, are a popular choice for many living rooms. Made from a lightweight and transparent fabric, nets, and sheers beautifully allow natural light to enter the room while providing privacy and a decorative touch. Here are a few main reasons you might choose net curtains for your living room.

Privacy without Darkness

Net curtains provide a level of privacy without blocking out all of the natural light. They allow you to see out of the window while preventing others from seeing in, making them a great option for ground-floor living rooms or homes facing a busy street where you might be concerned about people peering into your home.

The dining room and living room of a Playful Interior by Elycion
Interior by Elicyon

Plenty of Natural Light

Net curtains allow plenty of natural light to enter the room, making it feel bright and airy. This creates a more welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in your living room. A plus is that it can also save energy by reducing the need for artificial lighting. 

This can be great during the summer months when the sunlight can be blinding—it can also help prevent excessive heat from coming in when the sun gets too hot.

Greenwich Peninsula Penthouse design by Design Haus Liberty DH
Greenwich Peninsula Penthouse design by Design Haus Liberty
Tamara Mirror by KOKET

Delightful Decoration

Net curtains are available in various colors, patterns, and styles. You might find that they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room. The curtains can be used to create a more formal or casual atmosphere, depending on your preferences. 

The sheer design of net curtains has a wonderful softening effect, which is lovely if you’re concerned about your living room appearing a little harsh. 

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Interior by XBD Collective featuring KOKET

Easy to Clean

Easy to clean and maintain, net curtains make a practical choice for busy households. Most materials can often be washed by hand or washing machine, and they dry quickly. This is especially beneficial if you choose a white option, where the dirt would show up quickly otherwise.

l'atelier fantasia jewelry box apartment office
Interior by L’Atelier Fantasia


Net curtains are generally more affordable than other types of curtains, making them a great budget-friendly option for those looking to update their living room inexpensively. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can find a wide range of options at online retailers such as Woodyatt Curtains, often at a very reasonable price.

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