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Guest In Residence by Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid created and developed her newest project, Guest In Residence, in 2022. The luxury cashmere brand comes from a personal feel and story of its founder. And teaches us the value of worth and comfort.

Back in her early modeling years, Gigi Hadid moved to New York City at 18 after being raised in sunny Los Angeles. The cold weather of the Big Apple could be hard to embrace, but after her parents gave her two cashmere pieces to survive the winter, the model knew everything would be alright.

After her modeling career started to kick off with a series of many brand deals, Gigi Hadid never stopped working on other projects. From designing a collection with Tommy Hilfiger to being the creative director behind Gigi Journal—a catalog of art that shares different perspectives and art forms. It’s clear our model doubles as a business and creative entrepreneur.

And that is where Guest In Residence comes in. Having learned about the fashion industry from all angles, Gigi Hadid founded the cashmere brand reminiscing on those same two pieces she still owns today. And to which she gives great sentimental value.

We all know the power of investment pieces, and Hadid is trying to show us this with her brand. The 27-year-old is an example of that same ideal. Two cashmere pieces can be worn by two different generations. Maybe even more if taken care of. And as we know, quality conquers quantity.

Luxury fashion is sometimes about trends. And other times, it is about the timeless significance and relevance they carry. So yes, it is normal to see your shoes and bags as entities rather than objects.

We could go on about the sustainability of maintaining good luxury items. We could also talk about vintage shopping. Or how platforms like Vestiaire Collective maintain the fashion treasure hunt shopping tradition online.

Nonetheless, vintage or not, cashmere is an investment, and it is important to learn about value and worth. With Guest In Residence, we also learn about real fashion and style. An iconic piece with the perfect design.

I am sure Gigi Hadid had some people doubting her for launching a brand that only people with high buying power can attain. When her supposed fans, her same age, may not have the possibility to buy items as expensive as that just yet.

But isn’t that doubt the fuel behind the brand? Isn’t the want of something that creates its own value? Luxury is anything but a feeling, and the dream is reachable.

We are just another cashmere piece ourselves. With our own designs and own worth. So why not invest?

Words by @madforyou_lhm
All Images Copyrighted by Guest In Residence

Haute Craftmanship by Koket

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