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We really do love cool weather! Yes, the cold can be severe, but there are also a variety of warm and innovative fashionable cold-weather outfits to look forward to. If you are a regular user of Shein, you will know that there’s a Shein 30-off promo code that offers you the best deals on every winter collection you buy. If you are new here, do check the link and indulge in a fun shopping spree. But any-which-way. the influx of new winter 2023 styles also means it’s time to retire some of the old-fashioned stuff we’ve been storing in the back of our wardrobes!

To dig deeper into this topic, we’re showcasing the nine winter fashion trends we’re bidding goodbye to and the looks we’re welcoming instead. (However, in actuality, you should always wear whatever you want, regardless of what is “in” or “out.”) Without further ado, continue scrolling for some winter 2023 styles to love. And get on constructing yourself a new fashionable cold-weather outfit.

Super-cropped coats over Maxi coats.

Every primary designer from Chanel to Balenciaga displayed a variety of extra-long maxi coats on their F/W runways, making cropped jackets less popular. And justifiably so, the look is unbelievably gorgeous and adds the perfect amount of drama to a winter ensemble.

Knee-High Boots are the new normal.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an abundance of tight over-the-knee boots, but we’re beginning to see them less and less as classic knee-high boots make an even more significant effect. Try a classic black pair with a midi skirt for the workplace, or tuck your straight-leg jeans into a pair of faux-crocodile flats for an avant-garde evening look. 

Leather is a fashion trend that can never lose its charm. Try combining your boots with vegan leather clothing instead of the glossy vinyl. 

This fall and winter, designers and fashionistas favor more subdued leather (and leather-like) outfits over those made of ultra-shiny vinyl. We tend to this style because investing in a leather garment is relatively timeless.

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Farewell to Off-the-Shoulder Knits, Bonjour: bulky crewnecks.

What began as an infatuation ended as bulky crewneck sweaters replaced off-the-shoulder knits with unusual embellishments such as balloon sleeves. The reason this trend spread like wildfire is the flexibility bulky crewnecks provide. They can be as informal or formal as you need them to be. From wearing these to work to casual outings, they fit in everywhere.

Farewell, knit mini dresses, Hello: Midi Sweater dresses.

While shorter knit dresses can still have a moment with tights, midi and maxi sweater dresses are shaping up to be this season’s dress du jour among the fashion elite. The thing with Midi sweater dresses is you can wear them at all times. From being a trendy look for your winter picnics to shaping up as a night dress, this piece of clothing is as comfortable as possible. 

Goodbye: Vivid Red
Hello: Hot Pink (And in particular, Pantone 2023 color of the year Vivid Magenta!)

Keep wearing your favorite red pieces (particularly merlot or cranberry jackets); it’s only that the color’s younger cousin, hot pink, also wants to be a star this winter. Indeed, Jacquemus and Sies Marjan’s collections feature exuberant pink in the shape of outerwear, as well as tops, dresses, etc.

Farewell: Sock Booties
Hello: Lug-Sole Ankle Boots

As mentioned, sock booties are less trendy this season than bold silhouettes, such as thick-soled ankle boots. Combat and Chelsea boots with trekking will give your cold-weather wardrobe an air of effortless cool.

Farewell: Short Overcoats
Hello: Capes

Okay, so knee-length peacoat and topcoat-like outerwear styles will never be “out,” but we’re considering ditching them in favor of the snug and stylish capes shown in the collections of designers such as Celine and Burberry. The look may appear scary, but it is simple to achieve with jeans, a turtleneck, and knee-high boots.

We hope these trends help you find the perfect fashionable cold-weather outfits for this winter!

Feature Image: Photo by Evg Kowalievska | Pexels

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