Black and Gold: An Iconic Color Combo at Home & In Your Wardrobe

2023 is upon us! Many of us are looking for new ways to spice up our look, both in the wardrobe and in the home. What about adding a timeless color combination like black and gold into the mix? Yes, these colors are often associated with New Year’s eve, anniversary celebrations, and luxury in general, but their magic lives in the classicism of their partnership. For a sleek and sophisticated look, whether in fashion or interior design, combining black and gold will give you just the allure you’ve been seeking.

The Symbolism Behind Black and Gold

Black and gold have been paired together for eternities. Many have decided that the traditional gold and black are just the right amount of eye-catching color, as well as toned-down sleekness. One of the main reasons these colors are used so often when we enter a new year is because of their symbolism. Gold symbolizes wealth and abundance. Many choose to wear gold into the new year as a wish for wealth and success in the next year. Gold is meant to be glamorous, eye-catching, and a show of prosperity.

Likewise, black is very formal and classic. Black has been used to tone down the vibrancy of gold. Gold by itself can be a little too striking, so black softens the entire look. Black is elegant, iconic, and sleek. Together, their pairings have created iconic looks, both in the fashion industry as well as the interior design industry.

Iconic Black and Gold Outfit Combos

For those that want to look iconic and classy all year round, we have some recommendations for beautiful ways to style and pair gold and black pieces!

Start 2023 with a bang. If you have a formal event, like a dinner party or a winter wedding, then why not dress to impress with black and gold? This BCBG Max Azria gold evening dress is the perfect style to wow others and look beautiful! It’s asymmetrical to add something different, but the gold itself is the perfect balance of glitz and elegance. To fully commit to the look, pair it with this black Yves Saint Laurent clutch!

Have a resolution to travel? How about black and gold at the beach? If you want to look sophisticated at the beach, then this Marysia bathing suit is perfect. While the suit is only black, the scalloped look gives it that little bit of flair. To add that extra touch of extravagance, pair it with this Balmain wrap skirt!

Black and Gold Accessories

Accessories are everything. It is the accessories of any outfit that bring every element together. For those that want a little pop of gold, this Givenchy belt is perfect. This belt could be paired with just about any color and can be worn with a nice pair of jeans or with a cocktail dress.

If a belt is not necessarily in your style or taste, then a pair of earrings might be best. These Yvonne Léon heart studs bring the perfect balance of gold shimmer and black elegance. These earrings can be worn with any outfit and for any occasion.

Black and Gold for the Home

As you may know, the pairing of black and gold is a favorite for our publisher, KOKET. It is striking inside the home, and many statement pieces are created using this favorite color combo. Maybe a good New Year’s resolution for you is to make your home more dazzling yet timeless. Why not add some of our favorite black and gold pieces to really make your home pop?!

koket black and gold power pairing

This large swooping couch is a great way to make a statement in the home! The sofa, named Reptilia, is a great balance between black and gold. It’s not too striking or bold, and yet there is an elegance about it. For a perfect exotic touch, the piece features brass alligator adornment.

If a big piece of furniture is not to your liking, then go for something smaller, like a mirror. Right now, white bathrooms are very popular. Why not add a little glitz and glam with this gold and black KOKET mirror? This REVÊ mirror is bright and fun but also very iconic and classic.

REVÊ Mirror by KOKET black and gold home accessories
REVÊ Mirror by KOKET

What about for the home office? We all need the symbolism of wealth and prosperity where we work! KOKET has a beautiful chair that would be perfect for an office statement piece. Named the Cuff Chair, this item is sleek yet dazzling. If the home office needs something iconic yet simple, then this black and gold Cuff Chair is perfect.

Cuff Chair by KOKET black and gold upholstery
Cuff Chair by KOKET

Wrapping Up

Black and gold will never go out of style. If 2023 is the year to be iconic, classy, elegant, and sleek, then incorporate our favorite color combination. Take the changing of the year to incorporate some classic gold and black looks in your closet, as well as in your home. After all, it is lucky! For more black and gold furniture pieces, visit KOKET’s full catalog.

Words by Alison Morrison

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